A nationwide scandal – Sanctuary Housing


Time to expose this relentlessly appalling organization and others like it.

See 2019 blog Deaths, incompetence and lies – the multimillion pound housing associations destroying lives

It’s now 2016 and as you can see below, Sanctuary Housing are still up to their tricks. There is no effective regulation stopping them, so they can keep getting away with it – the likes of the Homes and Communities Agency and the Housing Ombudsman have no serious interest in complaints. This is a nationwide corporate rip-off scandal (so far almost entirely ignored by the mainstream media) if ever there was one. I have heard that some of the other large housing groups can be just as bad e.g. Hyde Housing, Affinity Sutton, Metropolitan and others. Perhaps all part of the Conservative government’s long-term plans to privatise social housing? Run it all into the ground and bring in non-affordable affordable homes and more private landlords to save the day? And generally make the housing crisis worse? In the meantime people are suffering – big time.

If you have had serious problems with Sanctuary Housing or Sanctuary Group, please join the independent facebook group, from which the edited posts here are taken. It offers support and advice from others who have suffered at the hands of Sanctuary Housing – the incompetence, the frequent breaking of tenancy agreements, the threats, the lies and all the rest of it. (To Sanctuary staff who genuinely do their best, keep up the good work. I know from my own experience that it’s not an easy area to work in.) The group now has over 600 members:-

Sanctuary Housing Independent Complaints Group – Countrywide (over 800 members as at December 2016)

poundsignukSince I first came across them in 2008, it has become obvious that thousands of people (including the elderly and vulnerable) have had their lives ruined by this frequently uncaring and incompetent organization. Unbelievably, Sanctuary is a registered charity – so they don’t pay tax. Even more unbelievably, Chief Executive David Bennett was made a CBE for services to social housing in 2015. Given the Sanctuary performance shown below, perhaps he is now due for a knighthood?

Sanctuary Group Executive.David Bennett FCA, CCMI, Group Chief Executive.For Sanctuary Group

Sanctuary Chief Executive, David Bennett. £340K and a CBE in 2015 – for THIS!? (see below)

Sanctuary Group make millions. For the year 2013-2014, the landlord reported a surplus of £42.6 million. (Inside Housing 1.10.14)

In one way or another, thousands of people in their 100,000 homes are being shafted by this company. Do everything you can, an e-mail to Watchdog achieves nothing by itself. Go through their complaints procedure until you are completely satisfied, or write to your MP and make sure they follow it through, contact local and national media with detailed documentation, go to Citizens Advice, Environmental Health, local councillors. Try to stay calm and strong, you are not alone! Demand that Sanctuary stop causing you and others so much suffering. Please do it people, don’t let them bully you.

Here is the link to the facebook group again:- Sanctuary Housing Independent Complaints Group – Countrywide

A typical complaint on Twitter

A typical complaint on Twitter


“We beat them once in court, now winning again. They are only interested in their bank balance not our children’s safety”

“I was waiting 12 years (in the end I gave up and moved out) and they blamed me for breathing moisture/being in flat all day….I worked 65 hours a week so how did they figure that out! They are now charging me for repairs as it was “my fault”. If the damp issues were my fault, why do almost all Sanctuary properties have problem with damp and my new home that I’ve lived in for a year now doesn’t?…..funny that x”

“Still no hot water as a tiny piece of metal had pierced the hot water pipe when it went bang… Communication was rubbish the whole time me having to chase them all this while having a 3 yr old..wouldn’t even put us in a bnb!! Sanctuary housing do not care.”

“Yesterday I found out I may need my entire ground floor digging up and replacing because there may not be a membrane down or it could have corroded. Also had to call them back because despite new parts on my hot water tank, the hot water is off and still turning on all night because something isn’t doing its job properly. The boiler was serviced a few weeks ago too and had a new seal but now it’s making a whistling tune when it fires up. Very nice, but I worry about carbon monoxide because I’ve been poisoned before. I don’t need to worry about something that should be working properly.”

“I went 13 months before they decided to replace my boiler and then they only did it as my health visitor phoned them!”

“This is the worst housing association. I have been without water for 4 days which they don’t think it’s an emergency. I call burst pipes emergency not only that they have put charges on the rent an extra few quid a week coz they planted a few flowers somewhere. I say somewhere coz nobody as seen them and they charge for window cleaning and I’ve lived here for 3 years and not once have anyone come round to clean them how are they getting away with treating people like this it’s a f***ing joke.”

“Anyone know a contact for these useless people regarding a compensation claim? I’ve called 3 times and keep being told to call the repairs dept……”

Twitter3“Yeah we have damp in every room in this house especially up stairs we also have plaster dust in the house everywhere in every room all over in all the carpets and I mean absolutely everywhere, in and on everything even in the house wee have all been breathing it in for the last 10 YEARS and we all have infections from it and it’s been here for ten years.”

“So have become a sanctuary tenant after a mutual exchange.. Wish I hadn’t bothered!! What a waste of time totally incompetent company. It’s been a farce from start to finish! Really annoyed at the amount of repairs that need doing that they fail to acknowledge. Yet are quick to inform me that if I dare to install an electric shower, at my cost, they will have to inspect it to make sure it’s done properly and looks nice.. Yet the bathroom it’s going into is really old, with blown tiles hanging off and massive chips out of the bath.. But that’s ok?? F***ing idiots.”

“Sanctuary has served eviction notice on a mum with 2 young children. Heartless and shocking. Calls itself a charity. Calls itself Sanctuary. Oh and it’s jobsworths being pedantic…. We have contacted Sanctuary Housing, local MP and submitted homeless application with council. Looks like they will be sent to a B&B. Sanctuary have been awful.”

“Apparently Sanctuary believe this is not something that needs addressing as soon as possible, despite 2 young children and myself living in this with asthma…”

“Apparently sanctuary believe this is not something that needs addressing as soon a possible dispite 2 young children and my self living in this with asthma …. I don’t know what to say I’m upset and angered by there lack of help… I won’t give up I just hate it when they put pressure on you and try to make you look like an idiot … I’m not that clued up on everything to know what’s what. This place is tearing me apart I literally sit there and cry because no one seems to do anything and how this place is practically falling to bits around me and I can’t get out. I’m already in touch with the mp and it doesn’t sound like there is much he can do from what he said … I will ask about the windows …. to top it off we have storage heaters too so it is unbelievably expensive …. we have many other issues with this place too … it’s like a living hell

 “Good luck getting anything done with them… go straight to your mp … honestly we have been fighting for so long and nothing has been done it’s not worth the stress just place a complaint and maintenance request over the phone and keep all of the reference numbers logged down in a diary and take them to your mp or local housing office. It’s really not worth our time to go through sanctuary. They simply couldn’t care less about any of their tenants or their own contracts.

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  3. Tim says:

    “A scandal which should be exposed.” Andy Slaughter, Labour MP for Hammersmith and Shadow Justice Minister, May 2011 – for a cross-party group of MPs on the performance and unaccountability of large housing associations, at the House of Commons. Since then, nothing has been done and the situation continues to get worse. Please spread the word, thank you.

  4. suzanne stone says:

    they are disgusting …… sanctuary…… what a joke xx

  5. Tim says:

    Here is an edited version of an e-mail I received about a year ago from a recent Sanctuary employee:-

    “I found your reports on sanctuary housing group very accurate and as a recent employee, cannot see that Mr Bennett, now CBE has made any changes and has continued driving his commercial monster towards more misery for its tenants…

    I have worked for other not-for-profit housing providers and in comparison sanctuary are a disgrace, and this is the reason why I would like to see them fail HCA value for money governance and change the way they treat staff and customers. This can only be done by a change of leadership.

    I hope this may give you fresh impetus to voice your findings to people of suitable authority to expose Mr Bennett for what he is and that certainly isn’t CBE services to housing.

    Good luck”

    • Kevin says:

      well there will be another mp to and to the list that has done nothing and that is Helen Grant con MP for maidstone despite she has seen a lot of stuff from your wed site Tim

      • Tim says:

        We’ve just got to keep chipping away at them, Kevin. There was a small breakthrough earlier this year when Labour MP Kate Hoey raised all the issues (in connection with another rip-off merchant Hyde Housing) in Parliament. There has been some media coverage this year too, but not nearly enough. Since the Grenfell tragedy and with the housing crisis in general, there is absolutely no excuse for MPs and the media to ignore what’s going on.

  6. Vivien says:

    Why can’t all the tenents that are having problems get together and try to get someone that knows how to lobby the government to get something done about them. Trying to fight them individually looks like it don’t work, but if we could name and shame them at the highest level and all stick together we might get somewhere

    • Tim says:

      Yes, why can’t they, Vivien? A very good question.

      How can Sanctuary tenants and others lobby the government to get something done about Sanctuary?

      Many of us have been discussing this for several years, particularly the last couple of years in the facebook group that now has nearly 700 members.

      Sanctuary Housing Independent Complaints Group – Countrywide


      One of the many problems in getting people to complain at the highest level and then stick together is how spread out Sanctuary is across England and Scotland. And as you probably know already Vivien, people are often completely worn down by having to deal with their own Sanctuary complaints, not leaving a lot of strength or energy to deal with anything else’s. Hardly surprising as many Sanctuary tenants are vulnerable, elderly or disadvantaged in some way. And many of the complaints are complicated – Sanctuary are masters at spinning webs of half-truths and lies to cover everything up.

      It’s not just Sanctuary of course. There are similar facebook groups for other housing association tenants (and relatives and others who have suffered) such as the 900+ strong Hyde Housing independent Resident Group:-


      For many years, they have been going through exactly the same diabolical struggles as many Sanctuary residents, with the same struggles as to how to get one’s voice heard. At the risk of offending anyone from Sanctuary, many Hyde Housing residents seem to be a bit more articulate and capable of standing up for themselves – but they are still frequently ignored, ripped off and so on. They have managed to get a bit of mainstream media exposure of Hyde Housing’s bad practices.

      Seeing as only a handful of us were doing anything more than individual Sanctuary complaints, early in 2015 I sent a carefully presented 80+ page document with extensive evidence (text, photos and newspaper articles which taken together represented 150+ Sanctuary tenants around the country) of illegal and immoral practices to a large number of “authorities”, media and MPs. This included quotes from several tenant-run Sanctuary facebook groups and detailed evidence of a fraud against the Scottish Housing Regulator by Sanctuary in Scotland (see Derek Condon’s posts on “Are Sanctuary Housing Above The Law” blog).

      I received complacent and dismissive replies from both the National Audit Office and particularly the totally arrogant, uncaring, laughable Homes and Communities Agency (the nearest thing to an official regulator, as you probably know). The HCA seemed to think that what they consider as a relatively small numbers of obviously extremely serious representative complaints were completely acceptable. Unbelievable! Beyond shocking and disgusting, they have the flipping cheek to put such nonsense in writing.

      Previous to that, in late 2013, I sent something similar out to a large number of organizations, government departments, journalists and so on. In my opinion, the most revealing reply was from Margaret Hodge, then chairwoman of the influential Public Accounts Committee, extract:- “The Homes and Communities Agency does not actively monitor social housing provider performance against, or compliance with, the consumer standards, responsibility for which rests with the Boards of social housing providers” 6.12.13.

      In other words, there is no consumer regulation of housing associations. Official. Why on earth not?

      “If we could name and shame them at the highest level and all stick together we might get somewhere.” Yes.

      Anyone out there who thinks they can seriously and practically help with this, please get in touch with either me or the independent, tenant and ex-tenant Sanctuary facebook group above.

      Thank you for your comment, Vivien.

  7. In my experience as a previous employee, if you are good and conscientious they want you out and will get rid of you any which way. Incompetence reigns from the top down..money chasing arrogance is the order of the day. Staff who stand up for tenants rights and try to implement good practice get ousted. Before an Audit they pull staff in from all over the place to try and cover up the normal bad practice. Many staff I worked although unable to carry out adequate risk assessments and support tenants appropriately did seem to be well practised addicted experts at candy crush saga and the like.

    • Tim says:

      “Incompetence reigns from the top down… money-chasing arrogance is the order of the day”, yep. Doesn’t quite line up with their relentless PR about how great they are, even though I’m sure they must do some good – one would hope so anyway.

      I’ve just been reading about CEO David Bennett’s recent “open offer to take over struggling organisations” this month. Bennett says that “Sanctuary has proven time and again that it can help struggling organisations”. Strange then, that Housing 21 recently pulled out of a merger, referring to Sanctuary not taking a contract as legally binding. Funnily enough, Bennett didn’t mention the frequent deterioration of services after Sanctuary has taken over, either.

      “Sanctuary’s accounts for 2015/16 show a surplus of £52.7m, a rise of 8.7% on last year’s figure of £48.5m, from revenue of £669m.” but Bennett and “registered charity” Sanctuary want even more.

  8. Mummy Bear says:

    I am a tenant of Housing for Women and we have suffered similar problems, if not some are the same. They have ruined my life since I moved in to our home in 2012. Have been a tenant for over 4 years and 5 months and they have ruined my son’s childhood. We have been discriminated, victimised and bullied for years and despite all our evidence, they continue to lie to cover up their corruption and our MP, Lewisham Council and the Housing Ombudsman keep falling for it every time. Actually, they don’t care.
    How is it in this day and age, these social housing providers, are protected against their illegal treatment? Every day we have lived here, we put up with ASB, we are the victims and the perpetrators continue driving us out of our home. Our home is riddled with defects and disrepairs, as Housing for Women boast about how great their service is.
    Our home stinks of the communal bins 24/7. My child is sick several times a week from these smells as this landlord fails to deal with communal maintenance.
    They lied about our building being safe and secure with CCTV when in fact all these years, the CCTV was fake.
    The most shocking aspect of all is this housing association is a specialist in domestic violence and as a victim, they have to this day, put us at risk and danger. As well as breaching health and safety, breaching our human rights, they lie about every single thing, making me look like a mad woman. They have caused us so much harm, daily misery and driven me to a nervous breakdown again and again.

    I post photos every week on social media to prove the truth, a diary and evidence. Yet it still makes no difference. Environmental health department are just as useless as is the housing ombudsman who had put me on a 12 month waiting list before they began investigations. I sent a big file with evidence. My case officer kept changing. What should have taken a month to investigate, took four days by another staff member for the HO. She didn’t even look at my evidence. I couldn’t believe it, I had official reports from Thames Water, plumbers, statements from neighbours. I requested a review and the ombudsman admitted overlooking my evidence. But didn’t say how or why. She agreed maladministration over repairs but not about teh rest of my complaint. Which is incorrect as H4W lied stating that inspections, monitoring of CCTV and cleaning had been increased. Which is a total lie but she fell for it.

    The damage caused to my health, already with health problems and vulnerable, has most definitely shortened my life expectancy.

  9. Tim says:

    From the above petition:-

    For many years the Sanctuary Housing Association has been charging its tenants for pest control without providing the service. This is a clear breach of contract.

    This appears not to be a simple oversight. The group must account for these payments annually. It would seem that a large sum of money is collected annually that simply cannot be accounted for and that should be returned to the tenants.

    In one case in East London hundreds of tenants have lived with an infestation of rats and mice for at least ten years. The issue was raised with Sanctuary Housing Association using their own internal complaints procedure. This process took a huge tenacity over three years to finally reach the highest level of complaint. This involved setting up an enquiry panel of ‘independent’ service users (other Sanctuary Housing tenants). Throughout this process many opportunities to remedy the issue were ignored by Sanctuary Housing Association. The housing association simultaneously unlawfully sought to remove the tenant making the complaints from his home. A hasty rent adjustment was made to remove pest control from the tenants rent statement although no reduction in the rent appeared. The independent board upheld all the complaints made by the tenant however they were given no power to suggest or enforce any remedy/solution including the ones offered by the tenant. To date the pest control issues remain unresolved. The tenant, a vulnerable adult, has been told that he must begin another formal complaint within the procedure if he wishes to proceed.

    Unfortunately the internal system either by design or default seeks to disenfranchise tenants. Each case is processed as an individual pest control problem. Complaints are not responded to in a timely manner and tenants often misinformed as to their rights. Some of the standard advice from Sanctuary Housing Association;
    The Housing Association is not responsible for pest control in any circumstance.
    The issue cannot be dealt with unless the whole building/street complains at the same time.
    Paperwork and/or reports have been lost or are being indefinitely processed by a team that cannot be contacted by the tenants.
    Contractors called and nobody was home , often when tenants wait at home for the whole day the contractors simply do not appear.
    Many tenants who pursue complaints using the internal system experience huge delays in the process, sudden rent re-evaluations removing pest control from the rent although never a drop in rent, somehow the rent is recalculated to be the same without this element included.

    This petition is to call for solidarity as appears that the Sanctuary Group are not prepared to accept any responsibility or provide any remedy for individual tenants.

    Many tenants continue to suffer extreme pest infestations such as rats, flees, cockroaches and mice. Despite this issue being raised to the highest level of the Sanctuary Housing complaints procedure requests for a remedy have been ignored by the group.

    The remedy I propose is twofold:
    1. Sanctuary Housing Group provides the pest control that they are responsible for in a timely manner.
    2. Historic charges are used to provide legal advice for tenants affected by this matter.
    Should a remedy not be found I propose a call for an independent inquiry into the charges being levied for a service the Sanctuary Housing Association do not provide.

    This petition will be delivered to:
    Sanctuary Housing Association
    The Sanctuary Housing Association Group Board
    Sanctuary Group Chief Executive
    David Bennett CBE, FCA, CCMI

  10. sarah piper says:

    I’m posting my complaint to sanctuary in the hope someone can tell me where to go…they cost me my job in jan 2015 as i was in a new job on probation and had to take 6 days off work in a month as they left me and my daughter with no hot water for a month because they kept not turning up or sending out wrong people to fix it, then took me to court for eviction in feb as i couldnt pay rent!

    This complaint now as u will see has been going on a yr, iv complained to 3 manager whole have all never got back to me. I emailed them 3 weeks ago as a manager told me in September she was dealing with.my complaint but has not contacted me since, emailed again yesterday to be told someone will contact u! Im at the end of my tether.

    On November 3rd 2015 I reported a leak where water was coming in to my living room from underneath the coving. The man I spoke to said he would get a plumber out and I told him there were no pipes there but he still sent a plumber.

    Following this between November 2015– July 2016 I have had 12 appointments with sanctuary maintenance staff because you sent out the wrong people, parts had not been ordered or people were sent who didn’t even know what they were supposed to be doing, I have attached a list of appointments and what was done each time.

    In April I made a complaint to a manager Craig as it had been going on 5 months, every time it rained i had water coming in my living room. I have chronic asthma and this was causing mould and since February I had been seriously ill and admitted to hospital 3 times and was due to have surgery on 6th April and I was concerned I would have open wounds and having dirty water coming in.

    Craig advised I could claim compensation for lost time/earnings/damages and promised to chase. On 7th may following another 3 appointments and nothing being done I went to environmental health as I had now had infections in my wounds from my surgery, in a lot of pain and still having to mop dirty water.

    On 8th June i called sanctuary again as environmental health have also been chasing he is getting no response either, i am told you cannot bring the appointment forward and i literally broke down on the phone as i have now had water coming in my house 7 months, im in pain from major surgery and nothing is any closer to being resolved.

    I complain to a manager Joe who tells me the job was cancelled!
    Now the job was finally completed on 15th July by simply painting sealant on the balcony which Joe advised David bizzells manager knew of this problem as other houses had the same problem.

    I am amazed i have been left this long for a simple problem sanctuary were already aware of, It’s disgusting you left me a whole winter with asthma with rain coming in and following surgery when i should have been resting i was mopping dirty water.

    Now the problem should be resolved but i have been left with damage and mould to the wall, coving and curtain rail/baton due to 8 months of water, pictures attached. i am told this will need painting with a special sealant first to stop the water marks keep showing through. So are sanctuary going to come and do that and repaint or do i have to do this? I would also like to claim compensation for the time you wasted which cost me money off work for every appointment, the stress of what you put me through and cost of sorting the damaged caused by the water as you can see from the pictures I have a damp patch at the bottom of the coving and across the top of the whole wall and damp and flaking paint.

    This is standard appauling service from Sanctuary repairs, in january 2015 you cost me my job leaving me with no hot water for a month and me having 6 days off work because you kept sending wrong people out and i had to go to the mp to resolve and clearly nothing has changed.

  11. Brett says:

    Scum bags if I put my heating on the fuse blows been only 18months so now I use paraffin heaters from the 50s also no hot water for over 1 year luckily I have a wet room with electric shower so I manage (dishwasher helps) i now just don’t bother telling them as it’s way too much stress making appointments and never keeping them

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  13. Tim says:

    On Sanctuary’s facebook page this morning.


    I see you removed my comment. As requested, I sent you my details in a private message, but am yet to hear anything back from your team. My building is still without any working locks (after over 3 months). There are two homeless men living (and urinating) at the bottom of the stairs. My bike was stolen because you’ve consistently failed to secure the bike storage. There is damp and mould in the staircases, which hasn’t been fixed in over a year.

    It’s a fine way to treat your leaseholders. My flat cost £350,000. That may be pocket money to Sanctuary, but it’s a crazy amount of money for a normal person to live in a building that Sanctuary clearly don’t give a toss about maintaining. I’m sick of the constant excuses, blaming your contractors repeatedly. If your contractors are so awful, change them. It’s not rocket science. Have an SLA, enforce it with service credits. Why are Sanctuary so incapable and disorganised? It’s as though you don’t care. You don’t care do you? You build flats and assume your residents will quietly put up with it, too poor and needy to complain or to have their voice heard. Well, you’re wrong.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

  14. David says:

    Someone fighting back? look at “aboutsanctuary.com” and “aboutsanctuary-group.co.uk”
    Please pass it round

  15. Joe Bloggs says:

    I work for Sanctuary Group and they are the most corrupt people ever, takung bribe of contractors to bullying all the staff, they bully staff to participate in investors in people and tell staff what to say beforehand, they bully staff all over the company, and Managers spend spend spend on company credit cards for fancy hotels, they promote each other without advertising the jobs then give each other pay rises behind closed doors, they break so many employment laws and european laws that is probably why they don’t recognise trade unions because they would be dragged through the courts up and down the country by staff!

    • CRAIG says:

      I was told about a little scam where Sanctuary planners will take grade 1 contractors bids and then go to a more favoured or connected contractor and say”beat this price and the job” is yours.. Greasy little back handers along the way.

    • Hi Joe. I am from a television production company currently looking into Sanctuary Housing Association. I’d love to arrange a chat with you, entirely confidentially, to discuss your experience with Sanctuary. If this is of interest to you my contact details are 07549025545, cfh915@gmail.com. Best, Charlotte

      • Kevin says:

        hi i hope you can nail Sanctuary housing good and proper because there are 8 MP’S trying to do this i have been with them now for over 4 years now and i was decamped from my flat at 35 Rocky hill Maidstone kent and was rehoused at flat 6 the cooperage 10 buckland road maidstone kent it is a new build and it is crap there was two problems with the electric the walls have not been plastered right large gaps under fire doors TV aerial problems there is a hole in the ceiling in my flat and Mr Paul Wood even told me in front of Abi germain (housing officer) it was a bodge up and it makes me wonder if this place was signed off at all because the gap under fire doors should be 3/4 of an inch 20 MM and this is under the NFPA 80,Section Swinging Doors ok if you want more info i can let you have it just reply on here Kevin_best@hotmail.com

  16. jay says:

    F*****g theiving robbing bastards

  17. jay says:

    Ex armed forces got injured in work ended up in arrears. Took me to court i was already on reduced benefits, they left me without washing faciliities and toilet for 4 months but found the time to keep sending rent arrears letters. I never seen one housing officer in this time until i threatened them with legal action, ive since given the flat up as impossible to live in. Because it was registerd with st helens council, im now unable to ask my local council for a property as it looks like ive givin it up voluntry. Saying that st helens council are as just to blame, probably getting back handers. F*****g scum concentrate on make your town better. Its a feckin discrace instead of putting so called false charities first all about money on your heads wankers

    • Michael Paramasivan says:

      Fully understand your strength of ‘Feeling’ Jay, that so called social landlord have to be brought to justice, and held to account for their usual incompetence!

  18. Michael Paramasivan says:

    They have a f*****g cheek to call themselves “SANCTUARY”!!!!!!

    • Tim says:

      It’s unbelievable isn’t it, Michael!? Along with a few other big rip-off housing associations, Sanctuary need to be fully exposed, it’s long overdue. I hope you don’t mind, I’ve edited the swearing a bit, even though I completely get where you’re coming from with that.

  19. Tim says:

    If you have had serious problems with Sanctuary Housing or Sanctuary Group, the following Facebook group now has over 1100 members and is still very active. It offers support and advice from others who have suffered as a result of Sanctuary’s uselessness and uncaring greed.

    Sanctuary Housing Independent Complaints Group – Countrywide

    After Grenfell, there is now absolutely no excuse for Sanctuary (and other rip-off housing associations – the whole “social” housing sector is full of incompetence and corruption) not to be exposed.

    For a few months now, The Guardian newspaper and journalist John Harris have been sitting on a ton of nationwide first-hand accounts about how terrible many HAs are, including Sanctuary. Watch that space.

  20. jay says:

    oh and before any one from sanctuary gets invoved everything I went through phone calls letters recorded phone calls pictures everything that can possilbly protect me in a court of law ive saved I feel sorry for the genuine people you ve taken away from other companies that needed a good ,honest genuine caring person and don’t get me wrong I dealt with a few lovely careing women who anwered the phone to me and my full name is jay kimpton lived in st helens so if for any chance you are reading this you are not part of my explit writing s and a massive thankyou for all your help x

  21. jay says:

    am I the only one writng about this shite

    • Tim says:

      No, you’re not the only one, Jay. A woman’s son hung himself in Sanctuary’s “care” a few months ago, Sanctuary had ignored all the warnings. You can imagine how she feels. Whole families have been hospitalised as a result of Sanctuary’s uselessness and lies. A couple of weeks ago, Sanctuary left a dead body to rot for nine days, leading to an infestation of maggots and flies in a family’s flat with a five months old baby. That made the national press. There’s a whole bunch of us working very hard to get Bennett and Sanctuary exposed, we have been for years. We don’t know how the likes of Bennett live with themselves either. Sorry to delete some of your posts (which I enjoyed!) Jay but all that language isn’t going to help on here! Take care of yourself, mate, stay strong if you possibly can.

  22. jay says:

    i apolagise pal for my anger but if I was stud infront of a judge I would say exactly the same scum

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  24. Louise says:

    My elderly parents experiencing two tenants relentless anti social behaviour, loud music morning, noon and night. The Sanctuary housing officer dealing with the csse has basically fobbed them calling them ‘sensitive to noise’. Saying other residents have never heard it, neither has she! Like somehow they are making it up. There has been multiple witnesses.
    Absolutely disgusting treatment. There really is no support for victims here. It comes to something when you cannot sit in your own home and are forced out, whilst the idiots get away with it. So much for Sactuary supposed zero tolerance approach.

  25. Tim says:

    KPMG are also Sanctuary’s acccountants…

    Accountancy firm KPMG has quit its advisor role on the Grenfell inquiry amid concerns over its appointment.

    Campaigners had called for KPMG to be removed, saying it failed to disclose a conflict of interest.

    KPMG is the auditor of three of the firms under scrutiny by the inquiry into the tower block blaze, in which 71 people died on 14 June last year.”


  26. Farid says:

    I have been living at this address for nearly 18 (eighteen) years. Previously managed by Cosmopolitan H.A, the staff were absolutely wonderful, considerate and nothing was too much for them, it was a good relation between tenants and the C.H.A employees. Nearly 4 years Sanctuary H.A took over, and the nightmares started, they started to improve the buildings and the flats. Which is all well and good, they have spent a lot of money, i must give them credit for that. But, unfortunately as these projects started so did the nightmares and cock ups too. And every time the works were prolonged because of mistakes along the way. As a saying goes ” IF YOU PAY PEANUTS, YOU GET MONKEYS”. Must of the subcontractors were a real cowboys. They had no respect for the tenants, and haughty with it. One lady (tenant), tried to complain to the project manager (she is not worthy of the title), that the workers, while they were working in her flat, they broke some sentimental ornaments. Do you know from the girl who was in charge of the workers told her: <> Which reduced the lady (tenant) to tears. That ignorant person, she does not realise some of us held high jobs in our careers, but unfortunately some circumstances and misfortunes changed our lives, and i (personally) count myself very lucky to found this. What i would like to say to this people to denigrating and demeaning this institution and the NHS. They are the pride of the U K, it is the envy of some countries of the world.
    As for sanctuary H.A, these associations were created as charities and non profit making for the well less off human beings.

  27. Michael says:

    The wooden window frames need replacing with uPVC doubling glazing on whole scheme I live on. But despite complaints from tenants, the housing officer has sent a letter out saying this will NOT be done. My flat is very draughty and does not get warm in the winter, even when the heating has been on for some considerable time. Many other tenants are experiencing similar problems. Windows have needed to be replaced for a long while, at least ten years. Many of the seals are broken, but Sanctuary has only offered to replace individual panes that have failed. But even this hasn’t been done yet. Also other fixtures and fittings inside flat are falling to pieces or out of date. They do not seem interested in doing any refurbishment, only basic repairs. A poor state of affairs considering I pay my rent every month without fail and haven’t fallen into arrears once.

  28. Paul Kimber says:

    Can any one help my farther nearly died in care home run by sanctuary I’m not
    Getting anywhere they must be stopped .

    • Tim says:

      Hi Paul, if you haven’t already done so, try joining the still very active Facebook group mentioned in the above blog. Over 1600 people there who’ve had Sanctuary Group problems, many of them very serious. Best wishes, Tim

  29. Ashleigh Mcinally says:

    Hi I’m currently writing to my local Mp due to 13 years of overcrowding and serious anti social behaviour and fear for my family’s safety,and this is just the beginning

    I recently became redundant and wnt bk to school to further my career while my husband works constantly to keep us afloat sanctuary failed to believe me when they said I hadn’t paid my rent in 7 months despite informing them I pay it by standing order on the 26th of every month and £50 more than the full rent yet I’m always in arrears anyway I had to get 1 years worth of bank statements to prove I pay and they still blamed me for it not being in my account,5 weeks later they told me it was in an account with my husbands name?why when I’m the tenancy holder and isn’t that not their fault so I’m threatened with eviction for £1300 worth of rent arrears I don’t have,

    finally they informed they found it and thought it was funny that the stress almost ruined my marriage and my home life,no offer to help with financial support despite having a disabled child sharing a room with her 12 year old sister,so I phoned to make an app with the welfare rights officer to c if there is any help for me with rent and council tax since the only money I have coming in is my husbands wage and my child tax credits and carers allowance,4 days later I come home from uni to an eviction notice to recover possessions to repay £309 rent arrears WTF do they not give a toss that I’m skint but refuse to claim benefits again and enjoy earning my own money

    I pay my rent on time I pay £157 a month council and to top it off since I was on the urgant band for 7 years I have now been informed that I’m not actually on the list now because of £309 arrears so my problem is sanctuary charge rent weekly I pay monthly and always more to prevent arrears so why didn’t they inform me when the first week wasn’t paid this preventing a struggling family being in more trouble due to owing more money they don’t have for rent arrears?heres a fkin plan if this so called charity isn’t actually acting as a charity why hasn’t it been addressed,I’ve had my children wake up and be confronted by drug addicts sitting or climbing in my windows my home burgled on my wedding day,my husband assaulted at our front door from someone whole stole my lawnmower and cldnt understand why I wldnt pay him £15 to cut my grass?

    I’ve reported things to the police had letters from my Mp my doctor I’ve given diaries of incidents of severe anti social behaviour and drug dealing at every 2nd house and I’m told I don’t qualify for a home of the proper size of 4 bedrooms despite families having multiple homes from the same housing and hotness even living ther it’s used as a drug selling shop so what do I do now I’ve exaused all ave and I’m trying my best to save what I can to buy my own home and redundancy made it so hard and we had to use some to get by but I’m determind I will starve for a while to get the cash together to tell sanctuary to ram the shithole were the sun doesn’t shine l,something I wish I fone when I was told prior to being offered this house that they cldnt offer me a home until my child was born incase she died WTF

    in turn I was givin this house tht wqsnt even cleaned when the other tenants left and u wldnt believe the state of the inside but I’m down to my last nerve and don’t think I have any right left in me so I’m determind to buy my own home and get as far away from sanctuary as I can get an I’m sorry but it’s the government that’s allowing this to continue because thy r getting there pockets lined along with them it makes me sick I worked 60 hours a week in a nursing home and get no help now I have no job yet I’m wondering why I bother since I was better of claiming benefits and was sitting pretty on £330 a week benefits with full rent paid and not having to pay council tax

    so I’m now feeling I shld just go join the Social scumbags who get everything under the sun while my husband works husband ass off to be taxed the more he works so we’re is the justice for working class people who don’t bleed the system dry cos it seems to me that it’s like they wnt people like me to fail and have no hope of getting out of social poverty I’m fkin sick to my stomach at how the system works and I’m seriously considering claiming all I can in order to save like mad and buy my house with the governments money how’s that for fkd up lol😂😂😂anyway that’s my rant over I’m finished fighting no point is ther so thanks for listening it’s good to get that off my chest Lol x

  30. P j says:

    I have lived in a property by them for 2 years has ruined my life damp and sickness and energy Bills of the scale . Affordable housing I think not absolutely disgusting. They should not be running any housing. Cowboys is the biggest understatement ever.

  31. Ley says:

    It’s now 2018 and I wish I had seen this a year ago. I’ve just recently escaped from a Sanctuary “home” and intend to follow up complaints etc.

  32. Tim says:

    Collapsed ceiling in sheltered housing for the elderly left by Sanctuary for seven months in Cambridgeshire


    Nearly 2000 members in the facebook group Sanctuary Housing Independent Complaints – Countrywide https://www.facebook.com/groups/1409393152675378/

    Nearly ten years since I first flagged up Sanctuary Housing in my original blog:-


  33. Tim says:

    Dispatches Channel 4, 25th March 8pm

    Datshiane Navanayagam reveals the shocking conditions that tenants of one of Britain’s biggest social landlords are being forced to live in. A year-long investigation finds that Sanctuary Housing left family homes in disrepair and uncovers evidence that this had a critical impact on the health of some of their most vulnerable tenants. As the housing association has grown, official channels of complaint have failed to force it to act reasonably, leaving residents feeling voiceless. In desperation they’ve turned to social media to share their experiences and offer support. Dispatches asks: are housing associations the new landlords from hell?
    Cast & Crew
    Reporter Datshiane Navanayagam
    Director Lionel Mill
    Producer Lionel Mill
    Producer Kate Mead

    From online Radio Times

    • kevin e best says:

      hi Tim i am glad you put this up but now they have time to try and stop them i have knowen for at least two weeks but did not what to put it on here incase some one in Sanctuary housing found out about it and try to get it stop ok but it is yet another step to get the goverment to take action but they will not because they will not not do this because of some of the big wig’s have a CBE and would look bad on them but the might have a CBE but they do not commarnd me and thats what Sanctuary housing thinks they can do all the time

      • Tim says:

        Hi Kevin. yes, it’s a big step in the right direction, mate. Yes, they still think they are above the law and that they can control everyone and everything – they are wrong. It’s all taking a very long time but real change will happen. TB

  34. Pingback: Sanctuary Housing exposed – Dispatches Channel 4, 25th March, 8pm | The Tim Burness Blog

  35. supervetty says:

    I am glad that this site comes up *still* on Google.
    I am perplexed at the poor administration and repairs of Sanctuary.
    I am following.

  36. Joy says:

    Long story short. I have been without running water for the past 13days. No water to wash, clean, drink or flush toilet. Was overseas when Sactuary called to say there was a leak they suspected was coming fro my property. I asked if anyone from Sanctuary had been out to establish if it was actually my flat as this has happened 5 x before when it was common parts area leak. They said and I quote…”its not down to us to check” wellyheir action caused my reaction which was …Well I suggest you send someone as as you can tell from the dial tone that you have called three times n left no message that I’m on the other side of the world and the time difference is 9hrs. With the best will in the world my flight back would be 22hrs at best..i requested they go out seek n repair and advise. They said not their responsibility. WOW ..they would prefer for the leak to continue and damage everyone’s property rather than send someone one to look they said they would wait for me to return home to sort it out 8 days later. I called a plumber from indonesia to UK who attend and confirmed there was no leak in my property and in fact the leak was as before in other flats in the common part area. The residents called santuary who then came out 12hrs later to switch my water off. I called Sancuary next day after speaking to plumber n confirmed with them that there is no leak in my property and it’s in the common part area outside of my responsibility. I also provided contact numbers of key holders for my property.. my plumber and my 80yr old mothers number. I requested that they start the process to start repairs and reinstate my water as they had 9 days before my return. Needless to say they did NOTHING until my return. I have had to call them everyday remind them of section 11 Landlords Tennants act..threaten ymthem with an immediate Injunction. I am still without water into my property more disturbingly no one from Sanctuary has offered me drinking water asked if there would be any health issues or even if I was disabled and not able to get drinking water or water for sanitation and flushing the toilet. The contractor has confirmed it’s their pipes…i have complained using their complaints flawed system i spoke to a very condescending complaints person who i insisted esculate my complaint but refused to. I have only spoken to two people at Sanctuary who are actually trying to do a good job the rest are just processing monkeys and do not think outside the box to recognise the seriousness and legal implications of cutting off someone’s water for 13 days and counting. I am as far now as having the contractor contact me in the next 5 days to put a new system in the the common parts n run a new feed into my flat as he has done 5 x before in other flats. I’m still without water n Sanctuary say as I’m not a 100% tenant they cannot do anything else to help me. I reminded them that I pay them rent service charges and maintenance therefore I am a tennant I pay you money. As landlords you have neglected the scheme despite this same situation has happened 5 x before and the tenants continually tell Sanctuary resort out the water pipes that are corroding as they are buried in the concrete in the floors with no access for tenants or contractors. I have reported Sanctuary to the Council…written to my councillors notified my MP and spoken to a solicitor. I’m still without water….they ruined my vacation n now we are two weeks out from xmas n they are set to ruined that too.

  37. Tim says:

    Sanctuary “revenue growth” up to £763 MILLION in the last financial year 2019-20, with an “operating surplus” of £186.2 MILLION.

    Meanwhile, Sanctuary Students has been the ONLY student accommodation provider in the country not to provide refunds during the global pandemic. Students have been fighting back with a well-organised campaign, including legal representation. This has made the national press, including the Financial Times, The Guardian and Metro.

    Around the country, local newspaper articles like these continue to be common:

    In 2019 there was major national TV exposure on Channel 4 Dispatches, showing Sanctuary up as the corrupt, money-grabbing cowboys that they are. An MP has since similarly exposed them in great detail in Parliament.

    Year after year, the disgrace goes on. Over 2700 members in the main facebook group, for support and practical help for people dealing with this terrible company:
    Sanctuary Housing Independent Complaints – Countrywide https://www.facebook.com/groups/1409393152675378/

  38. shyn43 says:

    I thought that Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing and Genesis Housing Association were two of the worst
    but it seems that Sanctuary Group trumps them ( in the negative sense of course.)

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