Tony Benn – astrological birth chart

TonyBennThe astrology chart of  Tony Benn (Born Anthony Neil Wedgwood-Benn, 2.55 pm, 3rd April 1925 in London. Died 14th March 2014) reflects the highly controversial character and life of the left-wing politician and campaigner. He expressed many of the typical characteristics of an Aries Sun sign, together with Moon in Leo and a strong element of Fire in his birth chart. Tony was well known for his abundant energy, leadership ability and direct, warm, enthusiastic approach.

However, there is a lot more to his astrological story. With an Aries Sun and Venus in his 8th house, closely aspecting Pluto and also Saturn in Scorpio, Tony’s identity and relationships were always going to be bound up with directly confronting the nature of power and challenging the status quo. Aries is rarely a team player unless leading, and Benn’s many clashes with Labour party colleagues did not help his political career. Some feel that he did a great deal of damage to the British political left in general, others have observed that many of his radical positions eventually became mainstream. The 8th house represents the need to find emotional security and soul security, but this is not usually achieved before huge conflicts, traumatic struggles and total “death and re-birth” transformations. Obsessional tendencies are common – letting go of old attachments can bring inner peace. The 8th house, Pluto and Scorpio are also all associated with inheritance, and in 1963 Tony Benn famously renounced his inherited peerage to remain in the House of Commons.

TonyBennAstroChartBenn was strongly influenced by his Christian upbringing, although this was not conventional, being more concerned with challenging the established order. “I’m a Christian agnostic… I believe in Jesus the prophet, not Christ the King.” The obvious astrological indicators of spirituality are the Moon and Neptune, both in Leo and Tony’s 12th house. Neptune in particular is at home in 12th house, a possible direct link to God. Amongst other things, Uranus in Pisces shows an unorthodox and radical spirituality and Benn campaigned for many years for the disestablishment of the Church of England. Whether or not this privileged man genuinely connected with working people, Tony Benn tirelessly stood up for peace, justice and the underprivileged.

Earth was well represented in the chart. A Virgo Ascendant sign shows that practical as well as spiritual service was important. Ruling planet Mercury in Taurus shows a solid but stubborn mind. A 5th house Jupiter in Capricorn would have helped in giving him great joy in expressing himself within the establishment – one obituary commentated that Benn was at his best in the House of Commons, “The urge to question and challenge authority made him one of the great parliamentarians of the postwar period”.

With a 10th house Mars in Gemini (given an extra push by a square aspect to the Ascendant), Tony Benn made his real mark on society with his enthusiastic speeches and his extensive published diaries – more of a teacher and preacher than a successful politician. He left some great quotes behind, such as the five questions to ask if one meets a powerful person:- “What power have you got? Where did you get it from? In whose interests do you exercise it? To whom are you accountable? And how can we get rid of you?”.

The birth chart here has been taken from, one of the best websites for astrology, which is of course irrational nonsense and not to be taken seriously.

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Why fracking in the UK is absolutely the wrong move

“The best solutions to climate change are practical. There are thus strong environmental reasons to support British fracking.” So said the leading article in The Times newspaper yesterday, referring to the need for action after the latest alarming report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPPC). Elsewhere in the paper, there was the news that the government is drawing up new laws to allow fracking firms to drill under people’s homes without the permission of landowners. The Times leader put forward a supposed argument for fracking, “hard as it may be for traditional environmentalists to accept”. The article suggests that fracking has played a significant role in America’s reduction of carbon emissions, and that this is the way forward over here. No, it is not. Despite its apparent success in the USA, fracking will not and can not be successful over here, for many reasons.

FrackingbonkersTo be economically viable, there would have to be many thousands of wells and drilling rigs across the country. Many, many people’s lives and communities would be devastated in one way or another. The coming and going of the required massive trucks alone would be enough for many to protest. Downland, meadowland, farmland and woodland would be subject to wide-scale industrialization. In America, towns near fracking sites have had water supplies contaminated and running out, as well as land, livestock, pets and people poisoned by air pollutants. Even according to the government’s own experts, fracking will not lower energy bills. Despite what the government claims, the environmental risks are extremely high, and the damage already done by fracking in several countries is real.

Widespread opposition has already helped stop fracking in France and Bulgaria, with temporary bans in Holland, parts of the US, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. In my view and that of many others, it must be stopped here before serious damage is done. The alternatives? Cutting energy waste and developing the UK’s huge renewable energy potential. “Britain trails nearly all the European Union in providing renewable energy – we can boast of being ahead only of those global giants Malta and Luxembourg – meanwhile states such as the US and China are surging ahead with renewables. The refusal to provide a secure, supportive investment environment for renewables in the UK risks losing opportunities for jobs and businesses.” Natalie Bennett, leader of the Green Party.

FrackingwrongmoveJoin the legal block to prevent fracking under your home! It’s a desperate attempt to undermine democracy and law. Already 40,000 of us have signed up to join the wrongmove legal block to stop #fracking under our homes – let’s make it 50,000! 
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