Kate Bush – astrological birth chart

KateBushThe wonderful Kate Bush returns to the stage tonight for her first live shows since 1979. Although the time of birth is unknown, the astrology horoscope for her date of birth (30th July 1958) reveals some suitably powerful features.

Kate is a Leo Sun, a Fire sign. Leos burn brightly as they take centre stage to radiate inspiring warmth and good humour to everyone around them. Creativity and individual self-expression are key themes and Leos need to be loved and appreciated more than most. The planet Uranus is also in Leo and close to the Sun in Kate’s chart, an indication of a potentially unique and multi-talented superstar. The Moon in Aquarius (Kate would have the Moon in Capricorn if born in the early hours but given her personality this seems unlikely) is a further sign of an original and even eccentric character. The egoless humanitarian instincts of an Aquarian Moon are a good antidote to the Leo ego!

The Sun, Uranus and the Moon combine with sensual Mars in Taurus and Neptune in Scorpio to form a Grand Cross in Fixed signs, although the position and strength of the Moon in this is unknown due to the lack of birth time. Used constructively (not an easy task), a Grand Cross is a major force to be reckoned with! The close square between Sun and Mars needs an outlet for its fiery energy and a Mars-Neptune aspect is very common in the charts of musicians, artists, sportsmen and other charismatic individuals who are capable of transcending everyday life through “magical talents”.


Chart for Kate Bush from https://www.astrotheme.com/

Kate’s mental intensity and darker side is shown by a Virgo Mercury-Pluto conjunction. Mercury delves deep here, analyzing and investigating taboo subjects with sharp intelligence. Kate’s sometimes disturbing and penetrating insights into life and human nature can be found in much of her work, particularly on The Dreaming. The┬ásearch for deeper meaning and the need for disciplined wide-ranging philosophical exploration correspond to her Saturn in Sagittarius.

Venus in Cancer indicates a romantic, feminine nature which affects both her artistic self-expression and relationships in general. Emotional security is important for Venus in Cancer and the long-term support of Kate’s family (Cancer) has been essential to her success. She cares – relationships and partnerships have also been helped by Jupiter in Libra (conjunct her spiritually significant North Node) bringing charm, grace and beauty.

KateBushPicAlthough an accurate time and place of birth is required for a full look at anyone’s current astrological trends, it is interesting to see that Kate has chosen to make her live comeback as positive Jupiter moves through Leo and across her Sun-Uranus conjunction. No doubt the “Before The Dawn” London gigs will be a further triumph in her extraordinary career.

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