Proof before belief

Taken from Stephen Arroyo’s “Chart Interpretation Handbook”

After twenty-five years, I am still waiting to meet someone who has investigated serious astrology for themselves first hand, and not come to the conclusion that there is a large amount of demonstrable truth involved.

Of course there are millions of people who don’t believe in astrology. When I first became seriously interested in 1986, I did not believe in it. I still don’t, as such. Someone saying they “believe” or don’t “believe” in astrology is missing the point really – it’s not a religion! Perhaps it is a “belief system” of sorts – at the same time, serious astrology is based firmly on observation. This careful definition by astrologer Robert Currey as good as any:-

“Astrology is the study of the correlation between the positions and movements of celestial bodies and life and physical processes on Earth. Though some astrologers work with stars and constellations, western astrologers work with the Sun, the Moon and the planets (including Pluto) within the Solar System. This is not Sun-Sign astrology that you read in newspapers and magazines. Astrology should not be confused with fortune telling, psychic reading, palmistry or tarot reading.”

Many scientists and rational sceptics happily dismiss astrology (or more accurately, what they believe astrology to be) for any number of reasons. As it happens, my (admittedly limited) scientific background played a part in developing my passion for astrology. I could see very quickly that there was and is way too much evidence from first hand observation to ignore. 

These issues are explored in great depth at Why it is no longer acceptable to say astrology is rubbish on a scientific basis by Robert Currey.

The truth about 2012 and the Mayan prophecy

David Cameron astrology 2012

Inevitably, like many UK astrologers, I’ve had my eye on the birth chart of UK Prime Minister David Cameron for some time now. In particular, I’m going to focus here on how his prominent Venus in Libra is being strongly tested by Uranus and Pluto in 2012, a process that began for him in the Spring of 2011.

1st house Venus in Libra

Although astrologers are not all in agreement over whether David’s Ascendant rising sign is late Virgo or early Libra (a few minutes either side of the given birth details – 5.55 a.m., 9th October 1966, London – makes a difference in this case), the prominence and importance of his 1st house Venus in Libra is in no doubt. David also has the Sun in Libra.

A few days ago, with Pluto moving towards the first exact square transit of Cameron’s Venus in a few weeks time, Cameron caused a major political uproar by excluding and isolating the UK from a new European economic union. Depending on your point of view, David has either protected the UK’s interests (particularly the City of London), or caused huge long-term damage to a number of relationships, both at home and abroad. Relationship problems of a deep and complicated nature are the classic territory of a Pluto transit to Venus, with long-term resentments often coming to the surface to be healed or eliminated. The UK has often seen itself as a reluctant and distanced member of Europe, separated by land and it’s memories of Empire. Whether on Europe or other issues, there will be more relationship struggles and conflicts of values for Cameron in August, September and October of 2012.

But things could well be even more difficult for David when transiting Uranus opposes his natal Venus from his Aries 7th house. The first pass in May 2012, then the retrograde phase in early September (likely to be a very difficult month as the above Pluto will also be active), with a final pass in March 2013. Relationship breaks, unexpected excitement, brief unusual involvements, upsets and shocks are likely… as always it will largely be up to the individual concerned as to how well these are handled.

All this is a bit tough on Cameron’s Venus! A well-placed Venus in Libra (it sextiles Cameron’s Leo Moon, with little in the way of stressful natal aspects) is charming and eager to please everyone, driven by a need to create harmony and build bridges through relationships of all kinds. In the 1st house, these personality traits are fundamental to David Cameron’s Libra identity. He will not be remotely at home with the sometimes unpleasant emotions and relationship problems. 2012 is a difficult year for Cameron.

Of course there are also less extreme and easier astrological indications for next year. The progressed Sun moves into a nice trine with Jupiter, Uranus trines the Leo Jupiter in January 2012, Uranus also trines Moon in Leo. David’s innate confidence and leadership instincts will help him cope. Saturn is also supportive for most of the year.

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