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Wish – a recent facebook post

“Christmas decorations up in Brighton so I regularly walk past this. I wish that we live in a kinder world. I wish that “we the people” can get over our personal and political differences and get the corporations and governments to act in ways that help the majority, instead of shitting on the less fortunate and destroying our environment. I wish for a saner society not based on materialistic greed. I wish for a lovely woman relationship-type thingy in my life, being single is a real drag after a few years! I wish I had another coffee… ah, something I can fix right now, YES! Have a wonderful day! Wish over ❤”

Brighton Fringe comedy sketch show 25th-26th May

100,000 views – thank you

The all-time views for this blog have just passed 100,000. Thank you everyone 🙂

I started it back in December 2006. I didn’t really bother too much for the first few years, a lot of my early entries (now deleted) were more like facebook posts, which wasn’t around then – life without facebook, can you imagine it!?

Even though I’m not exactly a prolific blogger, I started developing things a bit more seriously at the beginning of last year (turning on the “likes” and “shares” was a good start…) which led to over 32,000 views for the whole of 2014. Over 50,000 of the all-time views have been for the Sanctuary Housing posts, the top all-time post being “Are Sanctuary Housing Above The Law?” with over 45,000 views.

Thanks again.

“Share” and “like” buttons on this blog. Happy 2014!

If anyone wonders why no-one has “liked” or “shared” this blog, this is because I have only just got around to turning this feature on! About 7 years late – doh! 🙂 As people can and have been sharing and linking without the “official buttons”, I wasn’t going to bother.  Over 30,000 hits of the “Are Sanctuary Housing Above The Law?” post alone – and nothing to show for it in terms of “likes”, silly me. I hope to write posts more regularly this year.

Wishing everyone a great 2014.


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