Sanctuary Housing – ceilings fall in and nobody cares

Ceiling collapses after two weeks in new Sanctuary house, late 2017

“I was heavily pregnant… had to be the worst thing to happen to me..”

“Sanctuary Housing – UK Leading Provider of Affordable and Social Housing”


A tax-exempt housing group making £40-50 million per year, fully supported by the government.

See earlier blogs A nationwide scandal – Sanctuary Housing and Housing association complaints – no regulation of service quality!

Since the Grenfell Tower tragedy, there’s been increasing mutterings about the horrendous state of UK social housing but still no exposure of large, unregulated, (existing regulation is a bad joke) rip-off housing associations like Sanctuary.

COME ON MPs AND MEDIA PEOPLE, WHERE ARE YOU? Preoccupied with Brexit, all you MPs? (A few spoke out in a newspaper article earlier this year, no action since) Not sexy enough for you, mainstream journalists? (A few have scratched the surface this year, well done Channel 4 Dispatches on lack of regulation, full marks to John Harris for articles in The Guardian but why no follow-ups since?) WHAT ARE YOU ALL WAITING FOR, ANOTHER GRENFELL, OR SOMETHING SIMILAR? With current government policy, the problem is not going to go away. How much longer can you all ignore this?

August 2018 update: Social housing Green Paper published. Nice words, the government has to look like they’re doing something after the Grenfell tragedy. Unfortunately and predictably, absolutely nothing about the required large-scale building of genuinely affordable homes. Will the proposals in the paper lead to REAL ACTION TO STOP THE ROT with rogue social landlords like Sanctuary? There are massive systemic problems caused by, amongst other things, government neglect for many years. Incompetent and often diabolical treatment of vulnerable people, including the elderly and disabled, is common. Some recent media coverage of rip-off profit-driven housing associations – another Channel 4 Dispatches (Getting Rich from the Housing Crisis) featured Hyde Housing in July and there was a recent piece in the Observer featuring L&Q (London and Quadrant) – Raw sewage, no water – but service costs still rise for L&Q tenants

Two CBEs on the Sanctuary Group Board

Sanctuary Chief Executive, David Bennett. £356K CBE (retired in January 2019)

Chair of Group Housing Committee, Trudi Elliott, CBE


There are over 2000 people across several independent Sanctuary Housing facebook complaint groups. There are 1600 in the most active (and closed) group. Help and support for anyone struggling with this terrible company – Sanctuary Housing Independent Complaints Group – Countrywide

Hyde Housing is another staggeringly incompetent and corrupt housing group – nearly 1800 in the residents open facebook complaints group – Hyde Housing Independent Resident Group

More pictures of a collapsed ceiling recently posted in another fb group (one young woman and a 4 year old living in the home) this time for Riverside Housing AssociationRiverside Housing Association / Evolve Complaints, Comments and Suggestions

Plenty of serious complaints on the Peabody housing association fb page too – Peabody

Social housing – particularly when owned by large housing associations – appears to be collapsing. Sometimes literally. These organizations are too big, too greedy and frequently inhuman. My summary of Sanctuary bad practice, from a 2014 previous blog of mine seems to cover most of it:-

poundsigns1. Illegal and morally questionable practices.
2. Repairs being done very badly, or not at all.
3. Many properties in very bad condition, sometimes unfit for human habitation.
4. Complaints going missing and being ignored.
5. Blatant lying and dishonest manipulation of language in order to deflect complaints.
6. Bullying, harassment and bad treatment of tenants, including the elderly and disabled.
7. Inadequate soundproofing.
8. Bad communication and a lack of consultation with communities.
9. The lowering of service standards as a result of Sanctuary takeovers.
10. Bullying and mismanagement of Sanctuary’s own staff.


A small sample of recent Sanctuary complaints:-



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26 Responses to Sanctuary Housing – ceilings fall in and nobody cares

  1. Ms Vanda French says:

    I am a Victim of this abhorrent disgusting treatment from this Housing ass/staff,,,,,MP is supporting me but all this has made me ill!! The lies, false allegations,bullying,the stress is killing me!!! Rat infestation due to disrepair,,,desecrated my home,,41/2 yrs flooding from gutters STILL not successfully repaired,,poor workmanship again and again!!!

    • Tim says:

      Hi Vanda. All of us at the facebook group really are hoping that the mainstream media are finally about to expose this utterly corrupt and rubbish company, and others like them.

      John Harris at The Guardian did some great work exposing large HAs including Sanctuary early this year. Unfortunately this hasn’t yet been followed through – seeing as he collected a huge amount of relevant info and we provided him with more, this is very disappointing. Dispatches on Channel 4 have recently highlighted big problems with the useless HCA (Homes And Communities Agency, the nearest thing the government has to a department/regulator that keeps HAs in check) and we are now waiting for them to investigate further.

      Very best of luck with your MP, Vanda, hang in there. Even though it’s eight or nine years since Sanctuary temporarily destroyed my life with incompetence, arrogance and bullying, I can still remember what it feels like x

      • kevin e best says:

        Tim just giving you the heads up there is something going on that might just show what sanctuary housing are realy like i don’t what to put it on here just incase they have spy’s on here ok and i will keep you updated but it will be big ok

      • kevin e best says:

        hi Tim found out a lot more shit on sanctuary houseing they got a firm to signe off where i am living and they are fire consultances and back in july aurgust time the fire doors had to be taken off and ajusted and refitted has they was not to fire door regs and put 14 peoples lifes at risk and back in jan this year we had to have people in because the gas boilers did not meey NBC standards and had to be put right and the name of the firm that signed off this place was wilkson construction consultances at west mailing

  2. Michael Fryer says:

    I am a Christian Pastor and trying to help a tenant of Sanctuary. I concur with all the comments regarding the way Sanctuary deal with their tenants. I have asked a local MP under the Freedom of Information Act how many complaints he has had and what action he has taken. Have any of you experience of an MP taking robust action on behalf of a tenant.

    • Tim says:

      Hi Michael, thanks for posting. Allow me to briefly answer on behalf of Sanctuary tenants, based on many years of reading hundreds of first-hand accounts, both on my blogs and in the various facebook groups.

      SOME MPs have taken robust action on behalf of a tenant and/or groups of tenants (e.g. Croydon Labour MP Steve Reed, who actually got a couple of directors along to Parliament in order to sort out major problems, highly commendable) but there are many who appear not to be remotely interested. Many make a token action to hold Sanctuary accountable, without properly following through – it varies a great deal.

      Going back to my own experience in 2008, one of the reasons I began following all this up was the shocking attitude of Sanctuary’s senior management towards my MP at the time – they were treating him nearly as badly as they treat their tenants i.e. ignoring him and not looking at well-documented evidence of wrong-doing. Top marks for your own actions, Michael, this is exactly what is required.

  3. Tim says:

    Over the last week, separate complaints from various Facebook pages, this is now standard:-

    “It’s currently 8 Degrees Centigrade in my flat in Royal Mews in Hull. Over 50 flats you own are currently without heating and hot water on one of the coldest nights of the year and this has been going on for weeks now. You are incompetent and are putting the lives of elderly and vulnerable residents at risk yet speaking to three housing officers today the message is you really couldn’t care less and it “is not our department”. Any complaint is batted away and a report of a repair is ignored. Is there anyone with an ounce of decency who can get a grip of a dire situation in the way you would if I missed a weeks rent? I am not being over dramatic by saying that speaking to other residents this evening we wouldn’t be surprised if there was a death in this scheme during the cold snap due to the lack of heating. Sanctuary Housing is not fit for purpose.

    “I’ve been holding on the phone for over an hour and a half to get a repair it’s an emergency costing me a fortune and still no answer it bloody ridiculous 😡😡 need someone to get back to me ASAP !!”

    “Hi I’m looking for some advice we have been without street lighting in the close where I live for over a month now. Needless to say Sanctuary have been informed and are doing nothing about it. I was hoping that someone could steer me in the direction of someone who could help please. I’ve already been in touch with the local council and as It’s a close not a public road sanctuary are responsible for the lighting of it.”

    Sanctuary what a bunch of cowboys or should I say all of the apart from the poor workmen who have to deal with being told to bodge or cover things up, today my damp mouldy woodworm infested floorboards in my living room are being covered up with hardboard because they can’t be bothered to sort out the actual problem.”

    There accounts department is shocking and just continue to remind me i’m in arrears but I am on HB, they still give you grief.”

    “BOOM!!!!! I wrote a long paragraph on here a while ago about all sanctuary has done to me, they’re still making me ill now!!
    Still threatening me with court over money they stole from my rent account!
    Anyway when I moved in here on a mutual exchange they did NOT say I was responsible for the decking. They only decided that when I reported it as rotten had asked them to sort it and they refused. A week later I dislocated my knee falling through it. Not intentionally I was on another part to that bit I saw was rotten!
    Well today they sent my solicitor a statement from someone who claimed to know all about the mutual exchange having been involved yet wasn’t the housing manager (proved by the tenancy and form signing)
    So adding to that they sent the pre void inspection form saying it says on there about the decking and that I signed to accept what that says! Never seen the form in my life nor have I signed it except yesterday I found the letter that says what they wanted me to be responsible for! Oops doesn’t ask me to be responsible for the decking!
    Big fail sanctuary and your lies are now gonna fall down around your ears!
    Ps excuse the state of the letter my youngest got hold of it!”

    I’ve had complaint ongoing for 8 months now, can I ask for a complete run down of what sanctuary have done, as I am not happy with a quick email from them, then maybe I can take it further thanks”

    They dont care about there tenants I want to leave them as my roof the tiles have fallen off and they said to me that we have to put more towards are rent i think this a disgrace.”

    “Ok so am having problems with them regarding some other repairs which has taken me 4 years to have authorised and theres still aggro over it but now ive been left with 9 of us in the house inc 3 kids under 9 with no hot water or heating since last Friday night…Ive now got the flu and the 6 yr old sounds like she smokes 40 a day, now the other little un is coughing her head off ..i can hear her from ere…are they really allowed to do this???”

    “I’m giving up my flat now cos they haven’t sorted out the boiler system in over a year now not one bath. Not going through the winter with no hot water again. So I’m giving it up the boiler mAn came out and said sanctuary have no intentions of re fitting a new one. I wrote to them but apparently housing officer I had left the company months ago. No one told me . The company is a joke good riddance.

    Sanctuary, the best misnomer ever used.

  4. Tim says:

    Sanctuary actually seem to have stopped deleting complaints from their fb page these days, wow! The following separate complaints are from their own facebook page yesterday, in response to a Sanctuary opening post about how to keep warm this winter:-

    “Yes I’d love to stay warm this winter if you got an engineer out to me to fix my boiler once and for all!!!! It’s broken about 10 times this year alone. Last week it broke may I add I always have credit on it especially this time of year as I have A TWO YEAR OLD LITTLE BOY WITH MEDICAL PROBLEMS! I waited 26 hours for an engineer to get to me. I then went out after 26 hours as you are expected to be with your tenants within 24 hours ( which again I think is disgusting if you have children or your elderly.) I rang countless of times to be waiting 1 hour to speak to an advisor after 1 hour of waiting to speaks to an advisor I then went out and did what I needed to do. Baring in mind I waited in all this time for no one to turn up!! When I went out a few hours later I then received a phone call to say he was outside my property and if I didn’t attend my property within 20 Mins he was leaving. After all the time I waited in, after mentioning I have a 2 year old. It’s awful! Anyhow when I had got back to my property the engineer did was he needed to and carried out work on the poorly to find a faulty part but turned the pressure up and said that the part would be with me in 2 days which should of been Monday 27th November!! Which still hasn’t been fitted and iv now been notified it’ll be fitted on the 5th December. WELL today I got home from work to find the boiler had broken AGAIN!!! Absolutely raging I am because when I spoke to the adviser on the phone I explained AGAIN I have a 2 year old who has lots of air way problems and a few other medical problems and had an operation last year.. for him to tell me I’m still not a priority and they can’t get to me until tomorrow afternoon!!! In the middle of December, I’m being left again for the 2nd time in a week with no heating for longer than 30 hours with a 2 year old!! I wasn’t offered electric heaters nothing!!! My house is literally minus degrees!! It’s disgusting!!! I am very upset, very angry and will be taking this further!!

    The house is still freezing with crappy wood window frames that have no seals and chunks missing out of them a crappy front wooden door which is the same and a wooden back door that lets rain water under it! But the rents paid so do you care??? Electric and gas bills sky high 😠”

    “Not very helpful when you won’t install gas central heating and leaving us with electric storage heaters… Which we had a power cut Wednesday night which meant no heating and a 3 year old with flu…

    “Change my windows and my heat may stay in my house I have my thermostat set at 20 but it doesn’t even reach more then 17c and that’s having my heating on from waking up to going to bed. I am taking things further as I had someone come out and tell me within 5 years my windows and doors will be replaced but they need doing now, my kids walk around with cold hands and feet (don’t keep slippers or socks on) I’m sick to death of it and I will get this resolved.”

    “Bit of a joke this, I’ve waited in all day for the annual gas safety check and No Ones turned up! Called the contact centre who advised he’s too busy with emergencies ( which I understand can’t be helped) would have been nice to have been contacted though seen as I’ve taken the day off work for the appointment!

    Same happened to me earlier in the year 3 times then I was getting letters saying that they will force entry to do the checks when on every occasion they was meant to come I was in 😡 I was fuming 4th time and they turned up the service from Sanctuary is shocking wish I stayed with places for people 🙈”

    “Underfloor heating hasn’t worked since I moved in 4 years ago. Sanctuary won’t fix it as they can’t access it. Whoever built these flats need a round of applause. 😂”

    Replace your manky drafty windows They would help…”

    “All our heat is going out of the ill fitting windows, which are drafty, they were checked about 2 year & a report was put in saying they need replacing.. Not heard anything since…

    Sanctuary Housing – UK Leading Provider of Affordable and Social Housing.

  5. Sheila. Jetha says:

    I am living at Wimborne court Northolt UB54EL.
    We have high tenants of Asians Hindus and nearly all are one person’s families. This lady who brought all her relatives is kind of a leader and she decides everything including if it comes into harrassing. They all acts and behaves as if the manager is this lady. Even the based Manager is under her it seems.

    Who ever goes against this Lady so called the controller. They are being picked on at nights bullied by tenants with fauls cryings creating such a problems with anythings uncluding laundry plus having a good night sleeps. I got harrassed by grown ups plus having their relatives harrassing me all nights and week ends. I complained and complained ended up as a mentally problems.

    The managements cannot be bothered wether we live piecefully nor get bullied. The asian ladies are perfect doing all with dinners for the groups and their religious festives. They all are claiming disabilities benefits. I cannot see anything as such as in they get stuck with anythings. Fully healthy and doing all heavy or hard work with their daily living.

    We cannot complaint as the managents gets uptight. I am looking into these unbelievable statuses. I will see the legal department with my ongoing situations.

    • Tim says:

      Hi Sheila. Thanks for explaining your situation and problems a bit more in the Facebook group. We are still hopeful that 2018 will bring exposure of Sanctuary’s widespread bad treatment of tenants. Best wishes, Tim.

  6. Tim says:

    KPMG are also Sanctuary’s acccountants…

    Accountancy firm KPMG has quit its advisor role on the Grenfell inquiry amid concerns over its appointment.

    Campaigners had called for KPMG to be removed, saying it failed to disclose a conflict of interest.

    KPMG is the auditor of three of the firms under scrutiny by the inquiry into the tower block blaze, in which 71 people died on 14 June last year.”

  7. Tim says:

    According to all reports, Sanctuary continue to get worse. How bad does it have to get?

    Plenty of very negative Sanctuary Group staff reviews on both and, particularly over the last few months. Just like their facebook page, these reviews come with the usual “we are so sorry to hear this, please e-mail us” official Sanctuary replies. Like they even remotely care, hahahaa!

    And still nobody stops them, or other large rip-off housing groups such as Hyde Housing. After 8 or 9 years of trying to expose these creeps, I’ve pretty much given up myself now but the facebook group is still very active for anyone who needs support. Nearly 1400 members now:-

    Sanctuary Housing Independent Complaints Group – Countrywide

  8. Shereen Fairclough says:

    Not sticking to proper procedures and failing to safeguard vulnerable people in supported accommodation. Staffing levels poor. Side step issues of great concern.

  9. Sheila. Jetha says:

    I am a victim of harrassments by 3 Indian people from my previous address. After sufferings of all nights chats outside my front door. Plus them two ladies having same boyfriend absolutely noisy. After two years of night mares. I was moved to another address. Apparently there is the same guy used to harrass me shafing lights through my bedroom windows. They live there. Now them three from old address PLUS another one joined at his address. They are living there for last 2 months and I have to keep running to my best friends house. There is still going on everyday there are new strories on my back ground I am not aware of. This is totally out of order. They stock me where ever I go. I have reported to the Police but now I am thinking even the Police are not listening. Hope I get out of this soon.

  10. Tim says:


    Ever so slowly, there are signs that the mainstream media have finally decided to report on what is going on with these “mega” corporate-style housing associations. As with many MPs and the government, many media outlets have of course been alerted to how bad the situation is for large numbers of people (including elderly, disabled and other vulnerable tenant groups) for many years. They’ve simply chosen to ignore it.

    Yesterday in The Observer, there was Raw sewage, no water – but service costs still rise for L and Q tenants

    Channel 4’s July Dispatches Getting Rich from the Housing Crisis featured, amongst other things, the failings of Hyde Housing, another housing group with a long history of incompetence, service charges for services that aren’t being provided, and so on. There is a clip on facebook here:

    Dispatches comment on their facebook page: “Dispatches has uncovered the six figure salaries some housing association execs are receiving whilst millions struggle to find affordable housing.” Uncovered? Hardly! The Guardian pointed this out as far back as 2003 and by 2009 even the flipping Daily Mail was pointing out the large sums paid to Chief Executive “housing fat cats”:
    I’ve been banging on about the six figure salaries myself since 2009, original Sanctuary Housing blog here:

    Still, better late than never.

    • K Sturt says:

      Hi,Im sorry to hear of your experience,mine is so much different.I have been a tenant in a complex for a mere 4 months and because of my refusals to get involved with the comitee functions and refusing to have anything to do with the institutionalised people its becoming daily grief,as for using the washroom which is a regular meeting place for the said few makes it difficult to plan your weekly chores,there is a select group of 5-6 and there constantly expecting you to comply with there ways.i just want some happiness and stability in my life without the backstabbing/gossipmongering even blatant lying in there.if you complain YOU are the one threatened with housing officer action its Disgraceful that these housing groups allow inhouse tenants to form comitees in the first place..

  11. Tim says:

    Social Housing Green Paper published today.

    After the Grenfell tragedy, even the Tories had to admit that running social housing into the ground has had consequences. In September 2017, Sajid Javid delivered a talk to the National Housing Fedaration conference:
    “In one of the richest, most privileged corners of the UK – the world, even – would a fire like this have happened in a privately owned block of luxury flats?
    If you believe that the answer is no, even if you think it was simply less likely, then it’s clear that we need a fundamental rethink of social housing in this country.
    Because whether they’re owned by a council or by a housing association, whether they’re managed by a TMO or a local authority, we’re not just talking about bricks and mortar.
    We’re not just talking about assets on your balance sheet.
    We’re talking about peoples’ homes.
    About people’s lives.”

    Nice words, Mr. Javid, at least your government has acknowledged that something is seriously wrong. Nearly a year later, after consultations across the country, the social housing Green Paper has finally been published – a small but important step in the right direction. All credit for more nice words but how much of a difference will it really make? There are huge systemic problems. Still, it’s a start. Key proposals include:

    – Steps to speed up the complaints process, providing access to effective dispute resolution when something goes wrong and giving tenants more support in accessing the redress options available to them.

    – New reforms to make it easier for tenants to progress into home ownership, such as allowing them to purchase as little as 1% of their property each year through the Government’s shared ownership programme.

    – Strengthening the regulator of social housing so it can focus on issues that matter most to tenants and has “sharper teeth” to intervene when needed, ensuring social homes are well managed and of decent quality.

    – Allowing councils to continue to have choice over their use of fixed-term tenancies, enabling them to offer residents greater security in their homes.

    – The introduction of performance indicators and new league tables, rebalancing the landlord/tenant relationship to hold bad practice to account and ensure residents are treated with dignity and respect.

    Some nice words but will it stop the endless uselessness, lies and criminal activity of Sanctuary Group and others like them? I can’t imagine the likes of Sanctuary Chief Executive David Bennett or Director Simon Clark being bothered much by any of this. Bennett has probably already had a phone call from communities secretary James Brokenshire, along the lines of the following:

    Brokenshire: “Don’t worry old boy, we’ve got to make it look like we’re doing something. I can’t think why we only gave you a CBE, you’re still in line for a knighthood!”
    Bennett: “Splendid, Jimbo! You can count on us!”

    League tables sounds like another opportunity for Sanctuary and other corrupt housing associations to continue their fiddling and endless cover-ups, lies and criminal activity. Giving tenants support and speeding up the complaints process – exactly what is needed but will it really happen? Strengthen regulation – yes, long overdue it’s been an inadequate and obscene farce for years – but will it really happen?

    In relation to the wider issues of the housing crisis, as many are pointing out, the government is doing nothing to seriously address the need to build more genuinely affordable homes.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Shared ownership is a con. And the fact that thinks tenants should progress into home ownership shows he still doesnt get it. So he sees renting as not progressing?!

  12. Tim says:

    Complaints from Sanctuary’s facebook page over the last two weeks… on and on and on and on it goes…..

    “Watch out ! Extremely unprofessional company who don’t follow the law..”

    “Well you guys don’t go the extra mile. In fact you don’t even go an inch. You claim to have dealt with the excess water in the next door property which I know is a lie. Now my floor is so badly compromised that my contractor said the self levelling screed neither self levelled or dried. That was yesterday, this is my floor this morning! Why do you keep lying Sanctuary? Why are you so uncaring and so shoddy? You are shameful, unprofessional and downright awful. Look at my not dry floor!!!!”

    “Perhaps you could fix my mums communal door, she has been waiting 3 to 4 MONTHS for a fix.. Bloody disgusting… You could have fitted a new door or put in a electric one for the residents… 3 weeks ago she had a fall trying to open the door!!! Thankfully no broken bones, not what’s needed at 91 years old!!! Please sort it out!!!!”

    “How can I request my tenancy agreement as I have just been on the phone for over 30 mins and I have other things to be doing today. Anyone who is thinking about having a property of there’s stay well clear they are awful 😐”

    “Shame you can’t actually look after the tenants you have by returning requested phone calls doing repairs right first time the list could go on.”

    “Before you build new properties smarten up your older ones ,,, or relocate tenants to smarter homes.”

    “And where’s all the surplus rents going not into new homes or maintenance more like into some greedy Sanctuary corporate lacky…”

    “Just seen a video of one of your other properties its disgusting.”

  13. Tim says:

    Collapsed ceiling in sheltered housing for the elderly left by Sanctuary for seven months in Cambridgeshire

    Nearly 2000 members in the facebook group Sanctuary Housing Independent Complaints – Countrywide

    Nearly ten years since I first flagged up Sanctuary Housing in my original blog:-

  14. Tim says:

    Dispatches Channel 4, 25th March 8pm

    Datshiane Navanayagam reveals the shocking conditions that tenants of one of Britain’s biggest social landlords are being forced to live in. A year-long investigation finds that Sanctuary Housing left family homes in disrepair and uncovers evidence that this had a critical impact on the health of some of their most vulnerable tenants. As the housing association has grown, official channels of complaint have failed to force it to act reasonably, leaving residents feeling voiceless. In desperation they’ve turned to social media to share their experiences and offer support. Dispatches asks: are housing associations the new landlords from hell?
    Cast & Crew
    Reporter Datshiane Navanayagam
    Director Lionel Mill
    Producer Lionel Mill
    Producer Kate Mead

    From online Radio Times

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  16. Donna McBryde says:

    I used to work for them and have many a story to tell if anyone wants more info about what a shocking company it is.

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  18. Tim says:

    Sanctuary “revenue growth” up to £763 MILLION in the last financial year 2019-20, with an “operating surplus” of £186.2 MILLION.

    Meanwhile, Sanctuary Students has been the ONLY student accommodation provider in the country not to provide refunds during the global pandemic. Students have been fighting back with a well-organised campaign, including legal representation. This has made the national press, including the Financial Times, The Guardian and Metro.

    Around the country, local newspaper articles like these continue to be common:

    In 2019 there was major national TV exposure on Channel 4 Dispatches, showing Sanctuary up as the corrupt, money-grabbing cowboys that they are. An MP has since similarly exposed them in great detail in Parliament.

    Year after year, the disgrace goes on. Over 2700 members in the main facebook group, for support and practical help for people dealing with this terrible company:
    Sanctuary Housing Independent Complaints – Countrywide

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