MPs – please stop Sanctuary Housing

If you have had serious problems with Sanctuary Housing or Sanctuary Group, please join the independent facebook group Sanctuary Housing Independent Complaints Group – Countrywide, which has over 800 members (December 2016). It offers support and advice from others who have suffered at the hands of Sanctuary Housing – the incompetence, the frequent breaking of tenancy agreements, the threats, the lies and all the rest of it.

Sanctuary GroupThe uselessness, lies, rudeness, threats, bullying and generally corrupt behaviour of Sanctuary Housing Group (includes Sanctuary Housing Association, Sanctuary Care, Sanctuary Management Services and others) over the last few years are extensively documented in a large number of personal accounts from people across England and Scotland on my previous blog Are Sanctuary Housing above the law? Sanctuary’s unprofessional and excessively corporate behaviour continues to affect many – tenants (including the vulnerable and elderly), relatives, students, property-owning neighbours, their own front line employees, and others. Common complaints are poor maintenance and a lack of repairs to badly neglected homes, “which are now becoming the new slums” as one observant Sanctuary employee put it. (“In local authorities, qualified staff are on hand all the time to give their professional advice, Clerk of Works and their teams. These were lost when the housing stock was taken over by Housing Associations, and their short term financial gain without costing out the total overall running costs of their acquired housing stock. Which are now becoming the new slums.” March 2011) Some examples in the press over the last few months:-

In contrast to their neglect of older homes and tenants, Sanctuary is heavily involved in the increasingly controversial Affordable Homes Programme (affordable for whom?), having received £90 million from the government in 2012.

Sanctuary Group is a very big organization, now with 94,000 homes across England and Scotland, and of course some people have positive experiences of them. Also, I know from my own experience that working in areas such as supported housing and care can be difficult. But there is obviously a real and very serious problem with the culture of this organization and the attitudes of some of its staff. Many people’s serious complaints are often ignored and Sanctuary’s behaviour often appears to be completely immoral or worse.


David Bennett, Sanctuary Group Chief Executive

Many people’s lives are being damaged by a registered charity that regularly makes over £20 million profit, that pays its Chief Executive over £280,000, and that pays no tax. It looks like Sanctuary has got too big and too greedy to function properly.

Last week, I read that the group of MPs that monitors the work of the Homes and Communities Agency has launched an inquiry into the regulation of social housing in England. The inquiry will examine the work of the regulation committee since it replaced the previous social housing regulator, the Tenant Services Authority, in April 2012. Unfortunately, as usual, this looks likely to be concerned with financial regulation only. The actual quality of services provided by a large and impersonal housing association such as Sanctuary rarely seems to be questioned or confronted.

Sanctuary Housing

As a result of complaints from constituents, many MPs are now aware of the widespread incompetence and dishonesty of Sanctuary Housing Group. Sanctuary often seem to be more concerned with building their empire through property speculation, rather than looking after tenants, their properties, and their communities. These MPs and others need to fully investigate Sanctuary (and if needs be, other large housing associations too) and declare them unfit for purpose. Current regulation is totally inadequate. This is a scandal.

The MPs pictured here, along with many others, have all either directly experienced problems with Sanctuary through the complaints of constituents, or else are well aware of the general issues with large profit-driven housing associations.

Is there an existing All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) or other Parliamentary Committee that can take this on?

MPs – Robert Goodwill and Ben Bradshaw in particular – PLEASE TAKE ACTION!

Robert Goodwill MP

Robert Goodwill MP

Tim Loughton MP

Tim Loughton MP

Andy Slaughter MP

Andy Slaughter MP

Ben Bradshaw MP

Ben Bradshaw MP

Stephen Gilbert MP

Stephen Gilbert MP

Greg Hands MP

Greg Hands MP

John McDonnell MP

John McDonnell MP

Housing Minister Mark Prisk MP

Housing Minister Mark Prisk MP

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38 Responses to MPs – please stop Sanctuary Housing

  1. Tim says:

    Another MP not happy with Sanctuary at the moment is Ashford MP Gloria De Piero. “I am urging Sanctuary Housing to rethink the plans to close Sherwood House flats and do the decent and compassionate thing and tell these good people that the homes they cherish and love are safe. I’ve already written to bosses once but they can now expect another letter as well because this heartbreaking situation needs resolving as quickly as possible.”

    According to the above article, “Sanctuary Housing has told people living at Sherwood House flats, on Willowbridge Lane, that they have to move out, but has not explained why, when or where they are supposed to go. The devastating news has left the elderly people who live there stunned and upset at the thought of losing their homes.The residents said that they feel let down because they were led to believe that they had bought a ‘home for life’ when they moved in, with some spending thousands of pounds renovating the flats and some not having been there that long.

    Barry Middleton (74) said: “We came on the promise that we had a home for life. “Sanctuary allowed us to make big alterations – a new kitchen, bedroom, new bathroom, costing over £13,000 11 years ago. What upset us is they seem so blasé about it.”

    John Hanson, the Sanctuary “head of housing operations” paints a different picture – of course.

  2. IMS staff member says:

    This is not the first site sha has closed Asia no longer produces the profits it wants its new internal main service is costing £35 per hour a man and is losing money at a massive rate but was set up by Dennis Evans and by the way he was the man that did the same at Places For People and got the sack
    Sanctuary will not change and intact just employes more people in its failing ims by the day its has massive amounts of staff on £45,000 plus per year plus company cars etc and pays its own profit company SMCL more to do a job then external contractors
    It has a contract with the Church of England pension board and it is robbing that blind
    Why do I know all this because i work with in IMS and have now started to be bullied by other Ims staff cos I’m not in the club.

    • Tim says:

      I received a message from the Church of England Pensions Board a couple of months ago. They are very unhappy with Sanctuary, a lot of fed up retired clergy – extremely poor services for a £250,000 contract.

      • IMS staff member says:

        Sanctuary housing will they get the contract again this mth not if pension board new what they were really like

  3. IMS staff member says:

    MPs are the people with the power to look into Sanctuary but I believe it even has MPs in its pockets

    • craig says:

      IMS staff member, do you know if Sanctuary fund, donate or support any political organisation or party?

      • Ims staff member says:

        No I do not but I do know that Peter Martin director for development spends a lot of time at Houses of Parliament !!!!!

      • craig says:

        Very very interesting! Thank you very much for that info. ISM staff member.

      • Eddie Best says:

        Craig do’s anyone know who is the maintaince manger for Canterbury area who also has control over the houses in Maidstone Kent any help will do thanks

  4. IMS staff member says:

    The person that has approved to close down sherwood house is Simon Clarke and the fat cats all on £130k per year plus now
    You should see the cars in the head office car parks, paid for by taxes we all pay, that they get via housing benefit yet they do not pay any tax

  5. Tim says:

    South-East Cambridgeshire MP Jim Paice has recently been contacted in connection with a rat infestation at a Sanctuary property. “The couple, who live in a Sanctuary Housing property in Parade Lane, Ely, claim they have been complaining about the rats for about five months. However, the housing association told the News it had only recently been made aware of the issue and it is trying to resolve it.”

    Ah yes, the usual Sanctuary politics of denial.

  6. Tim says:

    I wonder if Glasgow MPs have had to deal with many Sanctuary Housing Association problems?

    “Council chiefs have refused to renew operating licences for a massive accommodation campus occupied by Glasgow University students. Problems included scorched kitchen units next to cookers… electrics in laundry rooms showing signs of scorching… fire doors needing attention and wedged open. Murano Street Village, which is the university’s largest halls of residence, has a total of 1163 bedrooms and has been registered as a house in multiple occupation since October 1992 and is managed in partnership with Sanctuary Housing Association.”

  7. Andrea Dean says:

    We have nothing but trouble with Sanctuary Midlands who we rent our home from. We are a development of only 6 houses in a rural location and the trouble we have getting basic maintenance completed is shocking. We have maintained the area across from our houses ourselves for at least fifteen years – Sanctuary have never been involved. It took two years to get them to replace failed double glazing units and, only this week, our shower stopped working -first of all the online report I made was not actioned (they couldn’t find it) then we were given a date for the repair of four weeks from the day the repair was reported. After several complaints we have now got a date for next Thursday which is still two and a half weeks since the report was originally made. Apparently, because we have a bath, the repair is not considered urgent. There are three people in our home, one of whom is a paramedic who has to shower at least twice a day – none of this matters in the slightest to Sanctuary. We have been told we have to wait until 2027 to have our outdated kitchen and bathroom replaced and don’t even get me started on the uneconomical and antiquated storage heaters!!

  8. Tim says:

    An interesting take on the failed Cosmopolitan Housing Group and Sanctuary’s recent takeover:-

    “Lack of regulation contributed to the financial burden which resulted in harassment and abuse of tenants to cover up denial of repairs and gas servicing over an extended period that caused health and safety risks. Sanctuary has given no indication that it will address those issues and its officials have ignored correspondence which brought alleged criminal activity to their attention.

    Like all foxes, some Trust officials, councillors and regulators have gone to ground at the first sound of barking. The culprits have hidden or sequestered themselves from public view especially when news media have them under investigation. Sanctuary has continued the aura of secrecy supported by propaganda.”

    Lots more comment at

  9. Tim says:

    “A GREAT-grandmother has been living without heating in a property with asbestos for three months.

    But after the Oxford Mail contacted Sanctuary Housing about Maureen Cox’s bungalow in Charlbury Road, Kidlington, the boiler was fixed and the asbestos was cleared.

    The 76-year-old moved into the property on August 11 and discovered warning signs about asbestos in the attic.

    She informed the housing association but says nothing was done.”

    And Sanctuary’s millions continue to roll in.

  10. i had a 5 year nightmare with sanctuary my house was flooded9 times because of inadequate buildig finally took them to a solicitor in the days when you could still get legal aid to have a indepedant surveyor the work was still not done because the firm they used went bust now i m
    not all,owed to see the survey which was done and cant have carpets down cos of the fear offloods and have no heating in the house sinnce the new system was put in in june this year

    • craig says:

      Debbie, make a subject access request to Sanctuary Housing Association and state you wish them to disclose all information that they hold regarding you and your family, if there is any reference to you in that report they have to by law release it to you.
      It costs £10 and if you think they are with holding information report them to the ICO, take a look at there website at ICO.ORG.

  11. Tim says:

    Over the last two months, in local and national press:-

    1. “Just weeks later, the care watchdog sank its teeth in another housing association – 95,000-home Sanctuary Housing – following a catalogue of failings at Redhill Court, in Kings Norton on the edge of Birmingham. A report published on 14 November revealed that its care arm, Sanctuary Care, which owns and runs 60 care homes, had put residents ‘at risk of receiving unsafe care and treatment’ because of staff shortages.”

    2. “Father of disabled schoolboy told by housing officials that he can’t light his garden with Christmas decorations despite putting them up for the last eight years.”

    3. “Family plead to be moved from their ‘hell hole’ Sanctuary Housing home.”

    4. “Letter: ‘Moat Field’ not suitable for houses”

    “The site in question is an area of mostly scrubland described as the “moat field”, which is known by residents to be waterlogged for at least six months of the year, and is an officially designated flood zone… At the planning committee meeting at Ely on February 6, the applicant’s case was presented. A senior councillor, Derrick Bennett (Ind Isleham), stated that it was “disquieting to see the number of issues that had not been dealt with”, and put forward a motion for refusal – not recognised by the chairman. Despite a number of further dissenting opinions, there was a vote of six-five in favour of approval with conditions… Over the past eight months, I have written to East Cambridgeshire District Council’s senior planning officer, team leader, freedom of information officer, Cllr Beckett, the Local Ombudsman, the head of development for Sanctuary Group East, and our MP Sir Jim Paice. Villagers also sought a judicial review… The responses that I received (one did not reply) were either evasive, irrelevant, protective, or deliberately avoiding the significant points. The exception has been Sir Jim Paice who has been concerned, helpful and honest, stating: “There is no doubt in my mind that the application has been approved despite its conflict with stated planning policy. However, the council does have the right to do this, however odd”… What I have learned, during this period, from the Ombudsman, is that it is not illegal for the housing authority (in this case Sanctuary Housing) to consult with the district council with a view to side-stepping certain obstacles to planning permission, and to make payment for this service.”

    5. “Eight weeks of misery for family in ‘freezing cold’ home”

    6. “Northchurch pensioners asks: ‘why did security light repair take four months?’”

    7. “Woman’s three-year wait for house repairs”


  12. Tim says:

    Recent news from from Croydon MP, Steve Reed:-

    Rosetta Court is a sheltered housing scheme for older people in Upper Norwood. Elderly residents have experienced a string of problems with their landlord, Sanctuary Housing. Complaints include soaring bills, shoddy repairs and maintenance, and they’ve been left without a live-in manager for just under a year. Many leaseholders felt enough was enough when Sanctuary issued them with bills for £15,000 each to repair a badly-maintained car park – more than many of the older and disabled residents can afford to pay. After repeated approaches to Sanctuary’s managers failed to get a response, residents asked local MP Steve Reed for help.

  13. Tim says:

    Perhaps someone from Sanctuary would like to comment here?

    • john .r says:

      Sanctuary Housing employed two members of maintenance Staff in Brighton. The first is a convicted repeated offender with a string of convictions from burglary to assault. Allowed to work around unsuspecting members of staff including vulnerable residents who are not privy to this information and allowed to work in Church of England properties.

      The second a prolific drug taker who worked with electrics around unsuspecting staff and public whilst intoxicated with Sanctuary Housings knowledge. Our understanding is that this individual electrocuted a long serving electrician who had previously on many occasions informed Sanctuary this staff member was a danger. This poor member of staff is now currently off work and the case is being dealt with via Wilkin Chapman Grange Solicitors. His entire career / Future have been put in the balance. This is Sanctuary Housing above the Law

  14. Eddie Best says:

    done a check on a plumber cant put his name is not members of the Chartered Institute of Plumbing & Heating Engineering you would need to contact Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline on 08454 04 05 06 they can give clear, practical consumer advice or Trading Standing you can obtain their details from your council office

    Hope this will help you.

    Best Regards

    Debbie Hyde – Reception

    Direct Email:

    Direct Tel: +44(0) 1708 472791

    Direct Fax: +44(0) 1708 448987

    Reception Office

    The Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering

    64 Station Lane


    Essex RM12 6NB
    or even gogi registered make you wonder what the people they send round to do repair work and should not bet touching anything as they are not trained

  15. Tim says:

    There is now more than enough evidence on these blogs to show that Sanctuary Housing and Sanctuary Group as a whole have major problems and that many people are suffering as a result.



    1. The Homes And Communities Agency (the social housing regulator, mainly financial regulation)
    Email: Website:
    Postal address: Referrals and Regulatory Enquiries Team, Homes and Communities Agency, 1st Floor, Lateral, 8 City Walk, Leeds LS11 9AT

    “Thank you for your letter, sent to the Homes And Communities Agency and other organisations, containing a number of allegations about Sanctuary Housing Association… (We have) now considered the information you have provided and would like to invite you or others who have experienced difficulties to provide us with further information.” Carole Harrison, Referrals and Regulatory Enquiries Team, Homes and Communities Agency, 28.10.13

    2. Margaret Hodge MP and the Public Accounts Committee
    Email: Website:
    Postal address: Committee of Public Accounts, House of Commons, 7 Millbank, London SW1P 3JA

    “My committee retains a strong interest in how the system of social housing provision as a whole is operating and I am grateful for the information you have provided… thank you for drawing these matters to my attention.” Margaret Hodge, Public Accounts Committee, 6.12.13

    Please contact both of the above with a carefully written letter by post.

    Thank you.

  16. Barry Allsopp - Chairman APRA says:

    We are a small leasehold community in rural Suffolk and within the last 5 years, Sanctuary Housing have taken over both the Management of the scheme and are also now the landlords. Since this takeover the standards on the scheme have deteriorated substantially to the point where we have set up a Residents Association. The Committee here have been fighting their cause with vigour over the last 3 years and have achieved very little. We are getting the negative response from Sanctuary to our enquiries, some of these enquiries being totally ignored. We have had meetings with their Homeownership Officers at all levels with little or now conclusions being derived form these meetings. We have even had a meeting with Simon Clark (MD) who turned out to be just as negative. Our problems revolve around Sanctuary’s lack of moral duty to our elderly residents, their heavy handed and dictatorial approach to residents, their over charging for maintenance works audit fees and management fees. We are also being taken for a ride over the charges for our resident Scheme Manager. We are paying her salary, her national insurance, her pension, her on site accommodation which we are expected to maintain her buildings insurance and her water rates. She pays only for her council tax, electricity and food. She does not contribute one penny to the on site management fees.
    As you can see we are at the end of our tether with Sanctuary and are asking for external help to get rid of them both as management company and landlords. Is there anyone out there who can help, PLEASE.

    • Tim says:

      Hi Barry.

      I don’t know if you’ve had any contact with your MP, local newspaper or any government agencies but my advice is as follows. (Others may have different advice of course – please see the other blogs here. Try everything and anything you can think of Barry, and DON’T GIVE UP! YOU ARE FAR FROM ALONE.)

      Send a carefully-written, objective and precise-as-possible physical letter – send a copy to your local MP, perhaps another copy to a good local newspaper, and keep a copy for yourself. Send by registered post to the two following addresses. Don’t bother with e-mails.

      1. The Homes And Communities Agency (the social housing regulator, mainly financial regulation)
      Postal address: Referrals and Regulatory Enquiries Team, Homes and Communities Agency, 1st Floor, Lateral, 8 City Walk, Leeds LS11 9AT

      They know all about Sanctuary already:- “Thank you for your letter, sent to the Homes And Communities Agency and other organisations, containing a number of allegations about Sanctuary Housing Association… (We have) now considered the information you have provided and would like to invite you or others who have experienced difficulties to provide us with further information.” Carole Harrison, Referrals and Regulatory Enquiries Team, Homes and Communities Agency, 28.10.13

      2. Margaret Hodge MP and the Public Accounts Committee
      Postal address: Committee of Public Accounts, House of Commons, 7 Millbank, London SW1P 3JA

      They also know all about Sanctuary already:- “My committee retains a strong interest in how the system of social housing provision as a whole is operating and I am grateful for the information you have provided… thank you for drawing these matters to my attention.” Margaret Hodge, Public Accounts Committee, 6.12.13

      My hunch is that Margaret Hodge and the Public Accounts Committee is the most likely and perhaps the only “official” channel that will even begin to seriously listen to serious complaints about Sanctuary. PLEASE write to them. Action against Sanctuary is long overdue. People need to start going straight to the top.

      Best wishes and good luck, Tim

  17. Insider says:

    What is interesting is how the group not only treats its tenants but also how it plans to treat its staff, together with breaches of regulation & legislation which; if made public would lead to chaos within the business streams and ultimately the forced break up of the group ….camera crews on your front lawn David…..more to follow….full documents under consideration to be uploaded to Wikileaks via Tor shortly

  18. Paul Knight says:

    Well, here I go AGAIN!
    Today, I am making ANOTHER FORMAL COMPLAINT against Sanctuary Housing.
    As a tenant of theirs for the last six years, I have never experienced such an poor-performing organisation – that has deep rooted contempt for its tenants!
    Not suprisingly, I have been successful with ALL previous complaints, which as also resulted in compensation payments to me on each occassion.
    Unfortunately my neighbours have been beaten into submission by these “Gangsters”, my neighbours are apathetic because of the poor and non-existant customer service by THE WORST LANDLORD IN BRITAIN!

  19. Came across this site by accident but so glad I did as there are some very interesting comments.With some of the complaints I feel very sorry for the tenants experiencing these problems.

    My experience with Sanctuary Housing has been such that it is like banging your head against a brick wall.

    I live in a ten storey block of flats,one of three.In my block the lift serving the odd floors that’s 1/3/5/7/9 the floor indicator number has not been showing for about 18 months.In an adjacent block it is the lift serving the evens floors where the floor number indicator is not working and has been out of action for the same length of time.Now I would have thought that as the flats are described as sheltered housing I would have thought it obligatory by law that the floor indicator is working.If not it jolly well should be.

    Now I have written to Sanctuary Housing and received the usual reply indicating that my Email had been received.Then a further Email saying it had been passed to Sanctuary maintenance then another saying it had now been passed to Otis.I had heard many times that the fact why Otis refuse to carry out the repair is because they are owed by Sanctuary money from previous maintenance.

    It is scandalous that they can afford £3,587,395 to apply external insulation to all 3 blocks,something which in my humble opinion was a total waste of money and yet they cannot pay an outstanding bill.The reason for my waste of money statement is because all 3 blocks have been constructed with cavity walls which would have been far cheaper to install cavity wall insulation.All that the project has turned out to be is a cosmetic exercise.

    With regards the external insulation word has got to me that because of the external insulation a number of flats in my block have been flooded.One tenant has been rehoused to a bungalow about a mile away.Another tenant has been put up in a hotel at a cost of £300 a week.Another tenant,a gentleman has refused to go to a hotel.

    I recently wrote to my local MP and received a reply back from him saying he had put my concerns to Sanctuary and was waiting for a reply.

    With regards the external insulation I sent an Email requesting information under the Freedom of Information act detailing what they had put with regards the reason why they had applied for funding to the ERDF in other words what work they intended carrying out to require a similar amount of money from ERDF.It took 3 requests to Sanctuary before I received a reply but they very craftily omited to supply me exact details.

    I firmly believe that there has been an element of fraud with this application.

  20. Tim says:

    Facebook groups and pages for discussion, information and practical help – run by tenants and others who have suffered appalling treatment from Sanctuary – YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

    Sanctuary Housing complaints group countrywide

    Sanctuary Housing tenants

    Sanctuary Housing/shambles

    Sanctuary Housing Banbury residents group

    Justice For Ernest John Coles

  21. Tim says:

    The following facebook group has been very active over the last 9 months or so, it now has 500 members. Plenty of support available there, endless ideas for how to TAKE ACTION. Run by tenants for tenants who have suffered at the hands of Sanctuary.

    Sanctuary Housing Complaints Group – Countrywide

  22. David Barber says:

    Over 3 months ago my Sanctuary owned kitchen was gutted ,I m left with no lighting no cooking
    facilities ,noway to wash clothing or bedding ,I ve diabetis asthma,partially sighted ,high blood pressure ,and sleep on a resperator ,and am arthritic ,Sanctuary s done nothing,
    Is this the face of Conservetism,

  23. Dwaine Chesmain says:

    To whom it may concern,

    I am absolutely disgusted with the way I’ve been treated as your tenant, I pay my rent on time and am always adjusting my work shifts to work around you.

    I recently had a leak in my kitchen ceiling again, this is not the first or second BUT third time this has happened.
    I had one of your contractors come out yesterday and attend to this matter, and rather than actually doing anything beneficial the lazy worker cut a hole in my ceiling with the leak running in to my kitchen over my electricals. Surely if he knew there was nothing he could do about the leak then why cut the ceiling. Wouldn’t it make sense to get in touch with my neighbour to arrange when he could gain access?? Rather than cutting a hole in the ceiling and have the leak come through. I’m know genius but it’s a health and safety hazard were water and electricity are concerned let’s not forget a fire hazard.

    A few ago a gentleman attended my property and made note of all outstanding jobs such as the back garden door which is rotting away, which was reported last year. Somebody briefly looked at it last year and again walked away from the job as the work instructions given to him were incorrect.

    I reported my bathroom window which is rapidly rotting and is now a safety issues, as if I was out to get broken into the frame would just fall apart!!

    My toilet is leaking for over several months the overflow pipe outside is constantly leaking. Inside the floor has swelled up the floor boards and flooring from the leak around the toilet.

    The tiles in my shower are blown and are close enough ready to fall down.

    The extraction fan is great and works like a dream but due to the previous condition of the bathroom the paint is still cracking.

    The bedroom window is falling apart again due to the wood rooting.

    My front room window underneath needs repointing as I’m constantly getting damp on the inside wall.

    I have tried to be patient with you and have always tried to work around your schedule whether that means me getting time off work or getting a family/friend to be here. I’m just outraged with sanctuary treating me that my time is not valuable.
    Matters have got to far where I need to deal with these outstanding jobs like hazards now.

    I suggest that I get several contractors in sorting out these outstanding hazards at once, as a matter of urgency, as it’s not nowhere habitable to live where you are not secure and there are health and safety hazards around you.

    I have spoken with my neighbour and she will be available on Friday.

    If I do not hear from somebody by Wednesday , I will have no choice but to raise an official compliant.

    Yours sincerely

  24. Paul Mcgrath says:

    I have a lot of experience in the Sheffield branch of Sanctuary’s incompetence as a recipient of their care service. My complaints are not taken seriously and I feel they ignore everything I say. As it is at the moment my care is run on a day to day basis without any continuity and me and my regular carers are left in the dark. They just lurch from one crisis to another no planning no communication. I am trying to move to a different company but my social worker keeps putting obstacles in the way all throughout the process. I am wondering where to turn to next.I hope to resolve the problem with my social worker soon as this cannot continue.

  25. Bernie Healy says:

    Good morning Mr Burness, I have been trying to contact you about serious problems within Housing and Care 21, similar to sanctuary housing, H21 are now all about money and abuse by court managers. could you please contact me on a.s.a.p. as we don’t know where to turn, and a years letters and e-mails to everyone right up to Bruce Moore ceo, has had no results only cover ups and excuses. Thank you, I would appreciate it

  26. Tim says:

    Collapsed ceiling in sheltered housing for the elderly left by Sanctuary for seven months in Cambridgeshire

    Nearly 2000 members in the facebook group Sanctuary Housing Independent Complaints – Countrywide

    Nearly ten years since I first flagged up Sanctuary Housing in my original blog:-

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