Stuff we can do – ecological and climate crisis

Consume less in general!

Reduce your intake of animal products or go vegetarian/vegan

Walk to the shops instead of driving, use public transport

Hang your washing out to dry instead of using a tumble dryer

Say no to single-use plastic. Buy reusable bags, water bottles and cups

Reduce or avoid air travel

Recycle but first reduce, and then re-use

Change your utility to a renewable energy company

Buy local, support your local organic farmers

Take your money out of banks that invest in fossil fuels and weapons, there are many ethical banks

Invest in regenerative and sustainable projects, preferably local

Use your VOTE to elect politicians who believe in climate science, take these issues seriously, and put them at the top of their political agenda!

Mostly vegan

Have been pondering more than usual about vegetarianism and veganism recently. My own approach is more of a long-term, flexible, “macrobiotic” lifestyle. Depending on a wide range of factors this can be vegetarian or vegan, but is perhaps more often “pescetarian” i.e. includes eating fish.

Although I try not to be too dogmatic about anything (“There’s nothing worse than a fascist vegan!”, as a friend of mine once said about his younger self), I’m fairly convinced that the majority of us would be a lot better off if we went in this kind of dietary direction. Ever since it was pointed out to me, it’s always struck me as completely bizarre that milk produced by cows for calves, has been widely accepted as a “natural” healthy food for humans in the western world.

Mostly vegan, mostly organic (can’t always afford it), keeping sugar and processed stuff intake very low, has worked very well for me for 35 years anyway. Apart from anything else, I just think it tastes best. I’ve always liked the idea of actively taking responsibility for one’s own health, better use of planetary resources, taking a small political stance to help reduce unnecessary suffering, blah blah blah etc etc. And unlike some, the smell of bacon has never made me turn back!

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