An introduction to the astrological birth chart

Russell Brand's chart

Russell Brand’s chart

The birth chart (different to newspaper horoscopes) of a person or event can be described as a kind of road map or blueprint. For an individual, it shows the soul’s possible journey and the types of experiences and patterns that you are going to encounter along the way. In one sense, it shows your destiny and fate, your unique possible contribution to life. What it does not show, is how you deal with these patterns. In this way, we are each responsible for creating our own reality by our choices.

A person’s individuality is of course also influenced by their genetic make-up, the society/culture/religion they were born into, the social and economic circumstances, and so on. Two people may have very similar charts, both showing enormous possibility but only one may fulfil this for the reasons above.

Jimi Hendrix's cahrt

Jimi Hendrix’s chart

Looking at the chart, the familiar Sun sign of the zodiac is represented by a circle with a dot in the middle. This may or may not be very important in the whole of the chart, one of several reasons why people are often not typical examples of their Sun sign. Each of the other planets are shown on the chart by symbols with numbers next to them. Using the chart as a psychological map, each planet represents a different part of the personality.

Due to their position in the chart, we may be more or less comfortable with some parts of our personality than others – I know I am! In fact it is the challenging relationships between planets (such as 90 degree angles, known as square aspects) that give us the greatest opportunity for achievement. People with “easy” charts may struggle more to find purpose and meaning in life than those with more obvious problems.

At its best, a balanced interpretation of the astrological birth chart can be a healing experience, giving one a sense of belonging to life – a sense that it is actually okay to be who one is, and a sense that however often it may appear otherwise, life is unfolding exactly as it is supposed to.

Many people know that astrology is of course irrational pseudoscientific nonsense and not to be taken seriously. Having studied and worked with it extensively for over 25 years, I came to a very different conclusion a long long time ago!

One of the best astrology sites on the web is, another good one is Thanks to www.astrotheme for the images here and elsewhere on this blog.

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Russell Brand – astrological birth chart

RussellBrandNot surprisingly, comedian and revolutionary Russell Brand has a number of striking features in his astrological birth chart horoscope. He was born at midnight, 4th June 1975 in Essex (according to his Mybookywook, which is a good read), giving him Sun and Mercury in Gemini at the roots of his being in the 4th house. Geminis are the naughty pixies of the zodiac – quick-witted, curious about everything, and sometimes a bit too clever for their own good! Communication is the key word.


There is a lot more going on with Mister Brand and astrology however. The majority of planets and his ascendant sign are in the Cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn (although if born just a few minutes past midnight of 3rd/4th, revolutionary Aquarius not Capricorn would be rising and if born close to the midnight of 4th/5th the chart would also be slightly different). In anyone’s chart, this shows a potentially powerful drive to initiate action and make a big impact. The Moon, Mars and Jupiter all in Aries show a man of action, impatience and strong physical drives – Russell is known for his colourful and active sex life, shown by Mars in Aries in an easy trine relationship to Neptune.

A clear indicator that his life was always likely to be anything but ordinary are the close aspects between his personal (inner) planets and the transpersonal (outer) planets. Sun and Mars aspect the glamorous, mystical, visionary, sometimes deceptive Neptune in the 10th house. Venus in Cancer closely squares Uranus – he genuinely cares but in an unconventional and sometimes shocking way. Emotional turmoil and power struggles are shown by the Moon opposite Pluto, and a close square between Jupiter in Aries and Saturn in Cancer also brings deep emotional tensions and conflicts. Russell has made no secret of his past heroin use, a likely attempt to deal with these issues, however unwise. The selfishness of Aries sits uneasily with the need for the emotional security and depth of Saturn in Cancer.

In 2013, as Uranus and Pluto transited his Mars in Aries leadership energy, Russell made his now legendary appearance on the BBC Newsnight programme with Jeremy Paxman. Round about the same time, his inspirational editorial for The New Statesman was published. Is an overpaid “celebrity” in any position to support the Occupy movement and criticize our economic and political system and encourage people not to vote? Whatever you think of him, he has articulated what millions of people feel. I’d vote for him… no hang on… oh never mind.

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