The progressed Moon through my 4th house

Some time back I realized I completely missed an obvious astrological correlation with my sudden change of residence about a year ago and the generally introverted tone of my life since then. Like many astrologers, I mainly follow the transits of the outer planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto to make sense of the processes and patterns in my life. However the progressed Moon can also be an important indicator, and I had completely forgotten about it.

One of the astrological bibles that I first learnt from twenty years ago isĀ  Stephen Arroyo’s “Astrology, Karma and Transformation”, which has: “A time of retreat, preparation, perhaps staying at home more than before. Almost always a reflective time when one needs privacy and some kind of social, domestic, or familial ‘womb’ in which new parts of oneself may incubate and develop in a protective atmosphere.” The progressed Moon through the 4th is all about discovering, or re-discovering, one’s roots and a basic internal sense of belonging to life. It comes with a fair bit of introspection and loneliness.

Saturn has been conjuncting my Moon (I’ll be glad when that one’s finished, the last pass is in early July, hurrah!) over the last year too. I feel like I have been living in a “womb” since I moved into my tiny flat, and even all my care work is more about the local council and hostels for the homeless i.e. also 4th house issues. There has been a lot of lone working for another company, which can feel a bit soul-destroying after a while. Family stuff has been around in the background for me too, more than usual, dealing with some depressing reminders of the past. I am looking forward to the Moon through my 5th house from roughly November, much more fun!

January 2010 update:- Sure enough everything has very obviously lightened up since the Moon moved into my 5th, especially since transiting Jupiter recently went into my 1st aswell. Just about every area of my life has shifted towards a more extroverted, creative and fun emphasis. I’d better make the most of it over the next 18 months…!

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