National anti-fracking rally


Massive national anti-fracking rally coming up in Manchester on 12th November. Following on from David Cameron’s government “going all out for shale” (which includes bribes to local communities affected by fracking), Theresa May has continued the support for fracking by recently overruling Lancashire County Council and going against massive local protest. Even New Scientist magazine is now wondering why the government continues to go down this road. Banned in many countries, incompatible with climate change targets (why invest in inappropriate infrastructure and jobs that will only last a few years at most?), no guarantee that it will save the public any money, environmental risks. Nothing has changed since the 2013 protests in Balcombe, which convinced me that fracking will never take off in this country. The massive lorries alone are a nightmare! The government apparently wants a fight on this one, it looks like they will get it. The farce continues. More info on the event at