Action on Sugar – about time!

Action on SugarIt has been a welcome surprise to see the explosion of UK media coverage for the Action on Sugar group over the last few weeks. Great stuff, although some of us would say it’s a few decades late. As with so much else, corporate interests and big business have been allowed to get away with far too much for far too long. Comparisons to tobacco or even cocaine may seem far-fetched but some would go further and say that sugar is even more addictive (particularly when combined with fat, as is often the case) and a far greater widespread problem. There is hidden added sugar in anything from tomato sauce to “healthy” fruit drinks and muesli and er… just about everything. The stuff is everywhere, relentlessly pushed on an often unaware public.

Stewie's first soda

Stewie’s first soda

Immediately of course, out come the pro-sugar lobbyists to re-assure us that it really isn’t that bad at all. Barbara Gallani of the Food and Drink Federation commented: “Sugars… consumed as part of a varied and balanced diet are not a cause of obesity”. Oh, that’s okay then, we’d better ignore all the evidence that shows otherwise. I wonder if, just possibly, perhaps, the massive profits and the demands of shareholders in the food industry have been put before the public’s health for a long, long time? Just possibly.¬†Wisely, the Action on Sugar group is calling for a gradual reduction by the food industry, similar to the success of reducing added salt in recent years.

Go against the endless marketing of addictive crap by these multimillion pound industries – eat healthier alternatives at least some of the time, and start to re-claim your health and even your life. Just an idea.