Tony Blair – astrological birth chart

With the recent publication of the Chilcot report, here is an updated look at Tony Blair’s astrology chart (born 6.10 a.m., 6th May 1953, Edinburgh in Scotland). Blair of course had the same natal chart at the time of his landslide victory in 1997, at the time of his decision to invade Iraq, and now. As a life changes, so does the interpretation of the birth chart.

Although Tony is an Earth Sun sign Taurus, Air is the strongest element, with a clear emphasis on idealism, social development and communication. In common with many ambitious and driven individuals, Tony has a fairly close square between his Sun and Moon, Taurus and Aquarius respectively. Taurus is solid, down-to-earth, often conventional and materialistic. Aquarius is idealistic, a social reformer, often unconventional, even eccentric.

Another obvious strong feature of the chart is a powerful conjunction of Mars (supported by expansive Jupiter) close to his Gemini Ascendant (rising sign). Any planet this close to the Ascendant degree in anyone’s chart represents a dominant energy of the personality. The Mars in Gemini individual asserts themselves flexibly, verbally and cleverly but dualistic Gemini can often be a bit too clever. Blair’s Gemini ability to communicate enthusiastically and openly is exaggerated by nearby Jupiter in Taurus. These characteristics dominate Blair’s whole personality, bringing an air of confidence, good luck and natural leadership ability. However, it’s perhaps worth noting that Donald Trump also has a close conjunction of the red planet Mars to the Ascendant degree and as the classical music composer Gustav Holst observed, Mars is also “the Bringer of War”.


As shown by the Aquarian Moon close to his North Node in the 10th house, Blair has always been genuinely driven to make his mark on the world by expressing his humanitarian instincts. The Saturn-Neptune conjunction in Libra and his 6th house is also a sign of being committed to putting ideals of harmony and fairness into practice through hard work. At its best expression, this is an excellent combination for a diplomat. Some people now understandably dismissive of Blair as a money-grabbing warmonger might easily forget his work on Human Rights, the Northern Ireland peace process, and even apparently successful military intervention in Sierra Leone where he is widely regarded as a hero.

With chart ruler Mercury opposite Neptune and Saturn, ideas and words may not be what they seem – a struggle with straightforward communication is clearly shown. Tony has his Sun in the 12th house too, an astrological indicator that frequently corresponds with a complicated or confused sense of identity. At best, any ego problems here can be transcended and shared with the collective consciousness and there is often a spiritual theme to the life of a 12th house individual. Blair’s 12th house relationship with God and, as he sees it, the fight against global evil are fundamental to understanding the man.

BlairChilcotAs the Chilcot report approached, the bad publicity for Blair suddenly appeared under the first pass of a Uranus transit, opposing his Saturn-Neptune conjunction with a square to his Chiron in Capricorn, around April-May 2016. A simple interpretation of that could be “a shocking awakening to the balance between Blair’s idealism and realism, together with his wounded ability to take responsibility”, Chilcot confirming what we already knew.

Will Tony Blair be held accountable? Current reports say that he won’t have to face trial for war crimes. The financial integrity of Blair’s business and charity empire has also been questioned. The next two passes of that Uranus transit to Blair’s Saturn-Neptune are in late October-early November 2016 and late February-early March 2017. Pluto also continues to transit his Sun, Venus and Uranus, from mid-August through to early November this year. Over the next few years, both Uranus and Pluto continue to transit all Blair’s significators in the second half of the Cardinal signs and by 2018, Saturn will be well into his 8th house of transformation and “death and re-birth”. Pluto squares Saturn-Neptune in 2019, on its way up to Blair’s Midheaven.

pluto-glyphHowever they play out, there’s clearly some seriously confronting, tumultuous times ahead for Tony Blair.

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The wonderful Caroline Lucas and some astrology

CarolineLucas1As a result of recently reading her book “Honourable Friends? Parliament and the Fight for Change”, I now have even more respect for Britain’s only Green MP Caroline Lucas. As comedian and columnist Mark Steel observed, she has “brought politics into disrepute … she’s done all the things she promised to do!”. Over the last five years, through her consistently principled actions, she has stood out like a beacon of hope in British politics. She was named MP of the year in 2014, awarded for her work with minority and deprived communities.



A quick look at her astrological chart

An important feature of Caroline’s birth chart (born 9th December 1960, Malvern, time unknown) is a close aspect between Mars in Cancer and Saturn in Capricorn. Fighting for women’s rights, the protection of the environment and supporting the vulnerable in society are all perfect channels for her Mars in Cancer energy. This energy is directly opposed to Saturn in Capricorn, showing her struggles against the establishment. However, with Venus, Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn, Caroline is also quite capable of being part of the establishment herself, an outsider on the inside. Together with her almost certainly Moon in Leo (and perhaps even a revolutionary Moon conjunct Uranus in Leo), it is her positive and visionary Sagittarius Sun that truly inspires – “Where there is Caroline Lucas, there is hope” to quote environmentalist and journalist George Monbiot. She often talks more sense than the rest of them put together. We need more like her, oh yes.

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Tony Benn – astrological birth chart

TonyBennThe astrology chart of  Tony Benn (Born Anthony Neil Wedgwood-Benn, 2.55 pm, 3rd April 1925 in London. Died 14th March 2014) reflects the highly controversial character and life of the left-wing politician and campaigner. He expressed many of the typical characteristics of an Aries Sun sign, together with Moon in Leo and a strong element of Fire in his birth chart. Tony was well known for his abundant energy, leadership ability and direct, warm, enthusiastic approach.

However, there is a lot more to his astrological story. With an Aries Sun and Venus in his 8th house, closely aspecting Pluto and also Saturn in Scorpio, Tony’s identity and relationships were always going to be bound up with directly confronting the nature of power and challenging the status quo. Aries is rarely a team player unless leading, and Benn’s many clashes with Labour party colleagues did not help his political career. Some feel that he did a great deal of damage to the British political left in general, others have observed that many of his radical positions eventually became mainstream. The 8th house represents the need to find emotional security and soul security, but this is not usually achieved before huge conflicts, traumatic struggles and total “death and re-birth” transformations. Obsessional tendencies are common – letting go of old attachments can bring inner peace. The 8th house, Pluto and Scorpio are also all associated with inheritance, and in 1963 Tony Benn famously renounced his inherited peerage to remain in the House of Commons.

TonyBennAstroChartBenn was strongly influenced by his Christian upbringing, although this was not conventional, being more concerned with challenging the established order. “I’m a Christian agnostic… I believe in Jesus the prophet, not Christ the King.” The obvious astrological indicators of spirituality are the Moon and Neptune, both in Leo and Tony’s 12th house. Neptune in particular is at home in 12th house, a possible direct link to God. Amongst other things, Uranus in Pisces shows an unorthodox and radical spirituality and Benn campaigned for many years for the disestablishment of the Church of England. Whether or not this privileged man genuinely connected with working people, Tony Benn tirelessly stood up for peace, justice and the underprivileged.

Earth was well represented in the chart. A Virgo Ascendant sign shows that practical as well as spiritual service was important. Ruling planet Mercury in Taurus shows a solid but stubborn mind. A 5th house Jupiter in Capricorn would have helped in giving him great joy in expressing himself within the establishment – one obituary commentated that Benn was at his best in the House of Commons, “The urge to question and challenge authority made him one of the great parliamentarians of the postwar period”.

With a 10th house Mars in Gemini (given an extra push by a square aspect to the Ascendant), Tony Benn made his real mark on society with his enthusiastic speeches and his extensive published diaries – more of a teacher and preacher than a successful politician. He left some great quotes behind, such as the five questions to ask if one meets a powerful person:- “What power have you got? Where did you get it from? In whose interests do you exercise it? To whom are you accountable? And how can we get rid of you?”.

The birth chart here has been taken from, one of the best websites for astrology, which is of course irrational nonsense and not to be taken seriously.

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David Cameron astrology 2012

Inevitably, like many UK astrologers, I’ve had my eye on the birth chart of UK Prime Minister David Cameron for some time now. In particular, I’m going to focus here on how his prominent Venus in Libra is being strongly tested by Uranus and Pluto in 2012, a process that began for him in the Spring of 2011.

1st house Venus in Libra

Although astrologers are not all in agreement over whether David’s Ascendant rising sign is late Virgo or early Libra (a few minutes either side of the given birth details – 5.55 a.m., 9th October 1966, London – makes a difference in this case), the prominence and importance of his 1st house Venus in Libra is in no doubt. David also has the Sun in Libra.

A few days ago, with Pluto moving towards the first exact square transit of Cameron’s Venus in a few weeks time, Cameron caused a major political uproar by excluding and isolating the UK from a new European economic union. Depending on your point of view, David has either protected the UK’s interests (particularly the City of London), or caused huge long-term damage to a number of relationships, both at home and abroad. Relationship problems of a deep and complicated nature are the classic territory of a Pluto transit to Venus, with long-term resentments often coming to the surface to be healed or eliminated. The UK has often seen itself as a reluctant and distanced member of Europe, separated by land and it’s memories of Empire. Whether on Europe or other issues, there will be more relationship struggles and conflicts of values for Cameron in August, September and October of 2012.

But things could well be even more difficult for David when transiting Uranus opposes his natal Venus from his Aries 7th house. The first pass in May 2012, then the retrograde phase in early September (likely to be a very difficult month as the above Pluto will also be active), with a final pass in March 2013. Relationship breaks, unexpected excitement, brief unusual involvements, upsets and shocks are likely… as always it will largely be up to the individual concerned as to how well these are handled.

All this is a bit tough on Cameron’s Venus! A well-placed Venus in Libra (it sextiles Cameron’s Leo Moon, with little in the way of stressful natal aspects) is charming and eager to please everyone, driven by a need to create harmony and build bridges through relationships of all kinds. In the 1st house, these personality traits are fundamental to David Cameron’s Libra identity. He will not be remotely at home with the sometimes unpleasant emotions and relationship problems. 2012 is a difficult year for Cameron.

Of course there are also less extreme and easier astrological indications for next year. The progressed Sun moves into a nice trine with Jupiter, Uranus trines the Leo Jupiter in January 2012, Uranus also trines Moon in Leo. David’s innate confidence and leadership instincts will help him cope. Saturn is also supportive for most of the year.

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