Tomorrow’s Harvest by Boards of Canada

The enigmatic Boards of Canada make a welcome return with their first album since 2005. This collection of unique, atmospheric and brooding electronica is up there with the best of their work, Music Has The Right To Children (1998) and Geogaddi (2002).

BoardsHarvest2Many of the textures and stylings are recognizable from their earlier albums, but the overall feel is darker and more ominous here. The sounds of the seventies remain, with echoes of the likes of Tangerine Dream in places, but the rhythms are more from the nineties. Every track has something of substance to offer, although these ears found the clunking snare drum all the way through the track “Jacquard Causeway” a bit heavy going.

Tomorrow’s Harvest evokes a wide range of moods in the listener. Even though this album continues to explore the musical universe they created for themselves some years ago, it draws the listener in and is far from predictable. Mostly, it feels fresh and inspired – in a slightly disturbing way. Towards the end, “Come To Dust” sounds an anthemic note of something close to optimism, immediately followed by the simple sadness and deep bass of “Semena Merlvykh”. A great end to a great album.

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