Sanctuary Group new developments – also falling to pieces

sanctuaryAt the end of January 2017, the Sanctuary Housing facebook page posted an advert for a short story competition they were running. This was the first reply:-

Declan Toman “Once upon a time, there was a housing association who built a new development in Wood Green, North London in late 2014 (Artizan Court).

The housing association advertised it as a secure, gated development, and sold the leasehold flats at up to £450,000.

However, Sanctuary Housing clearly had no intention of ever servicing the building, repairing any faults or taking any responsibility for their subcontractors.

None of the external doors or gates lock, and Sanctuary have shown nothing but complete ineptitude and incompetence in arranging their repair. Each time they blame their subcontractors, but seem to have no intention of enforcing the service level targets they have with these contractors. Residents receive nothing but a barrage of excuses in a saga going on years.

Sanctuary wilfully ignored a serious leak in the building for months which has caused the stairwell walls to crumble and mould. Sanctuary seem unwilling to repair this damage, instead letting it get worse. This has been going on for a year.

The standard Sanctuary social media reply....

The standard Sanctuary social media reply….

...which tries to make it look as though Sanctuary actually care

…..which tries to make it look as though Sanctuary actually care. Utterly useless.

The lift doesn’t work, leaving my post-cesarean wife housebound whilst I am at work as she is unable to carry a pram down the stairs. The bike shed was vandalised because the gates don’t lock, leaving all bicycles vulnerable to theft (many have been stolen). Sanctuary are unwilling to discuss the poor design, or repair the damage. This is a car free development, so bikes are very important to residents.

Sanctuary’s complete and utter incompetence and disorganisation has made living in the development an absolute nightmare. They’ve treated residents with complete disdain. They’ve consistently promised things they haven’t delivered on, and clearly have no intention of ever rectifying any of the issues. They’ve repeatedly increased the service charges, without any improvement in the service.

And this is where this story ends. There will be many more chapters I’m sure. The issues within Sanctuary appear endemic and I don’t foresee an end to this particular tale.

But Sanctuary will live happily ever after, even if their residents are suffering.”


“Leading housing and care provider”, as we can see here.

Sanctuary continue to expand their empire, recently announcing £90 million  of funding from the HCA to develop 2,265 affordable homes across England over the next five years. Peter Martin, Sanctuary group director, said: “We are delighted to be developing these much needed new homes in Worcestershire. Our work in the area forms part of our wider national development plans to build 30,000 homes in England and Scotland by 2026 and help increase housing across the country.”

Very nice, but as John Harris recently pointed out in The Guardian, what is the point of building all these new homes if they’re not fit to live in?

All to be expected from a registered charity that makes £40-50 million every year?


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