Whose Dream Are You Living? Tim Burness – new album now online

Well here we go! I first went into Church Road Studios with Julian at the end of December 2009 and tentatively put down a bunch of ideas. It was a bit like throwing some paint at a wall. Nearly six years later, I am extremely pleased to say that the new album, called “Whose Dream Are You Living?”, is finished and up online at my Bandcamp site. We had enough material for a double album but settled for the following ten tracks in the end.

Whose Dream Are You Living? Released 26th November 2015

Whose Dream Are You Living? Released 26th November 2015

  1. Onwards And Upwards
  2. Grass Is Greener
  3. And Set Your Spirit Free
  4. Round And Round
  5. The Messenger
  6. Unlike Any Other
  7. A Space For Our Love To Grow
  8. Stop Them
  9. What’s Going On In Your Head?
  10. Cynical World

“Whose Dream Are You Living?” will also be available through the usual digital outlets such as itunes, Amazon and so on. Unless there is substantial interest that would make it a financially viable move, I am not likely to release the album on CD. Like many independent musicians, I am not happy about having my music on the corporate rip-off streaming music sites but I have decided on balance that the exposure is more important than ethics – for the time being. I am still a relatively unknown artist so I can’t afford to be too choosy.

Fudge, TB, Monty, Keith

Fudge, TB, Monty, Keith

Huge thanks to Julian Tardo who engineered and co-produced the album. The core recording band for the album consisted of Monty Oxymoron (keyboards, vocals, theremin and percussion), Fudge Smith (drums) and Keith Hastings (bass). Contributions also came from Gregg McKella (synthisizers and effects), Lee Abraham (sub-bass guitar), and Andrew Bradstreet (bodhran). I have really tried to raise the bar a bit higher this time

The link again:- https://timburness.bandcamp.com/

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