Justice for Ernest John Coles – the crimes of Sanctuary Care?

PleaseHelpMeThis document has been received and signed for in the following offices:

Devon County Council, The Police, The Doctor involved, Sanctuary Care and CQC head office.
House of Commons and NHSLA, pending, not yet signed for…

Letter of Notification of a Pre-Action Protocol for the Resolution of Clinical Disputes
Date of claim: 20th October 2015.
Copied to the NHS Litigation Authority
Associated bodies
Rachel Chalmers, DC for vulnerable adults Rachel Doyle, CQC Inspector
CQC Enquiry Number – 2186209966
Failure to comply with the Health and social care Act 2008 Regulation 20 Breach of duty of care to both Mr and Mrs Coles
Ernest John Coles of 7 Lichfield Road, Redhills, Exwick, EX4 2EU
on behalf of his late wife Marguerite Coles who passed away in Greenslades Nursing home on the 9th of December 2013
Responsible for the care of his late wife and failing to provide information.
Mark Mc Carthy, Head of Sanctuary Care
Natasha Knowles, business manager for Sanctuary Care
David Berenski previous Manager of Greenslades nursing home Alison Robertson Previous manageress of Greensalades Nursing home Dr.Carl Bracey, responsible doctor for Greenslades Nursing home, Foxhayes Surgery
Phil Norrey, CEO Devon County Council

Ernest John Coles

Ernest John Coles

On the 25th of August 2015 a letter was sent to Mark McCarthy, head of Sanctuary Care requesting an explanation to why the care plan of the late Marguerite Coles states that it has been “rewritten.”
The letter was received in their Worcester office and the signature documented by the post office is “Gormley.”
It was also acknowledged by email to myself but not to Mr Coles. Email content :

Dear Ms Wakefield,
Thank you for your email dated 25 September.
I am emailing to confirm receipt and to assure you that Mr Coles’ letter of 25 August is being dealt with professionally and that a response will be sent within the 30 days that was requested.
Kind regards, Natasha

Natasha Knowles BA (Hons), PGCE, CPE – Law
Business Manager
Sanctuary Care Limited
Cameo House, Chamber Court, Castle Street, Worcester, WR1 3ZQ.
Tel: 01905 334243 (Internal: 34243)
Fax: 01905 21019
Email: Natasha.Knowles@sanctuary-housing.co.uk
“Keeping kindness at the heart of our care.”
Sanctuary Care is part of Sanctuary Group

Unfortunately they have failed to act professionally and failed to deliver an explanation on the deadline given. I have followed them up with a phone call and I was informed that the lady dealing with this matter is on annual leave and that no one is covering her duties.
This case is as Im sure you are aware, a matter of public interest and grave concern.
In order to restore faith in the public services provided by all of the organizations involved in this matter there needs to be a thorough investigation in to this case. If the handling of this case is a reflection of the standard of care given to the vulnerable people that you are all responsible for protecting then it sheds huge concern over the services provided.

Ernest2Mr Coles is seeking further specialist legal advice in this matter as he is the legal representative of his late wife and has a grant of probate in safekeeping. As it is a crime to falsify medical notes and care plans we expect your professional response in this investigation of serious concern and provide us with a satisfactory outcome in order to restore the trust of the public who pay for the system in place.

We look forward to resolving this matter as quickly as possible as you are already responsible for the mistreatment of Mr. Coles as he is in his own right a vulnerable adult. I would also like to remind you that both Mr and Mrs Coles both gave up their retirement to work voluntarily for the NHS and to be repaid by society in this way is unforgivable and will not be forgotten.

A response from this pre-action letter is required within the standard time frame of 20 days by all involved without exception.

Samantha Wakefield

Facebook page Justice for Ernest John Coles

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UK musician (pop/rock/prog), astrologer for 30 years (the deeper stuff), care and support worker #ExtinctionRebellion "We're all f***ed, so be nice." ~ Russell Brand

3 Responses to Justice for Ernest John Coles – the crimes of Sanctuary Care?

  1. Bob Spearman says:

    Hi, firstly my deepest sympathies for the appalling way that Ernest and Maggie have been treated and for Ernest’s loss – I have a similar experience but this time regarding my partners elderly and vulnerable Aunt.

    I wanted to share with yourselves that our Housing Association (The Hyde Group – Trading as Hyde Housing) is exactly the same as your social housing provider Sanctuary. Reading through the list of service failures, down right abusive and lying behaviour and the spend of rent and housing benefit on non social housing ‘for profit’ house sales –

    All exactly the same with Hyde. Hyde currently boast of having 50,000 properties under their management (note I said management as they have lied and said they ‘own’ them all which they don’t) and those properties house some 95,000+ residents.

    I’m not sure if it is doable but I think enough is enough and we Housing Association tenants, leaseholders (and as you rightly highlighted private next door neighbours, friends and family) join together to create a national independent Social Housing / Housing Association Tenants Society (got to be careful in case we create a rude acronym or abbreviation [SHATS] yes that could be misused big time!)

    Anyway, it appears from reading your feedback and concerns with you provider and other HA’s, including our own (I’ve only seen a few so far but worth investigating all the other HA’s performance) there is something very rotten and wrong with Social Housing provision in England and probably the UK.

    I’ll leave that with you and hope to hear from you should you wish to communicate regarding this matter.

    Kind regards

    Bob Spearman

    Hyde Housing Tenant

    The Hyde Group

    Former Hyde Involved / Engaged Resident

    • Tim says:

      Hi Bob, thank you for posting and I’m sorry to hear about your partner’s Auntie.

      People coming to these blogs for the first time may think that the situation with Sanctuary (and yes, I have heard that other large housing associations can be just as bad) is not as serious as it was a couple of years ago when many frustrated and struggling people were posting comments regularly here. You will not be surprised to hear that things are just as appalling, if not worse.

      Many Sanctuary complainants now go straight to the “Sanctuary Housing complaints group – countrywide” facebook group, 500+ members with the now very familiar stories, often accompanied with photographic or written evidence. Sanctuary did a good job of stamping out facebook complaints on their own facebook page but many tenants also now complain via Twitter @HelloSanctuary instead.

      I also receive a fair number of e-mails such as this one last week (edited):-

      “Sanctuary should be ashamed of themselves. At least I have the intelligence to stand up against them, even though, after a month of being here, nothing significant has actually been actioned by them. It’s like pulling teeth and their management team are clearly more interested in being gatekeepers than actually making life bearable for us ‘inmates’ – (so far we have been without heating for 6 nights out of the month I have been here and the hostel manager refuses to show me how to adjust the bar pressure to get the boiler working. Instead we have to wait 24 hours for an engineer and the boiler is broken again within 10 days. Disgusting behaviour and there is much, much more.”

      Bob, a key issue with all this seems to be that although there are existing consumer standards for housing associations, neither the regulator (Homes and Communities Agency) or anyone else has any obligation to enforce them! This was confirmed to me in writing by Margaret Hodge when she was chair of the Public Accounts Committee. Why on earth is this the case!?

      Is a national independent Tenants Society (also including neighbours, families and friends who have suffered) do-able? Good question, Bob. Great idea. Unfortunately with many tenants there seems to be a lot of apathy or fear or inability to stand up for themselves. Sanctuary and other large housing groups seem to count on this.

      If there was a genuine interest I would be very much up for promoting such a Tenants Society here. If anyone who has had serious problems with any other large housing association is interested, please post here.

      Could I please ask people who have previously posted on these blogs to step back a bit, so we can break the cycle of repetitive complaining and leave a space for new folk from other housing associations to perhaps help create something fresh and constructive for the future? Thank you.

      • Bob Spearman says:

        Hi Tim,

        Thanks for your very helpful reply and I too am very worried that so many Housing Association and Social Housing tenants are too worried, frightened or as happens in all facets of life apathetic and strangely enough probably are the same people who never vote in local or the general elections.

        I concur with your guidance regarding repeating war stories over and over again which achieves absolutely nothing and supports the HA involved as it confers a label on the authors of such stories and puts others along with these into disrepute.

        I currently have three Hyde resident colleagues who have, along with myself, survived corporate lawyers threatening legal action for defamation and in parallel Facebook being pressured into deleting posts and comments on our own FB group by Hyde very cleverly using Intellectual property – brand rights so much so that for a period of around 2 months we had to avoid using the HA name in our posts and comments – it got to the point where we used ‘Jekyll’, ‘Our Social Housing Provider’. ‘Them’ and so on which made it a farce.

        Sorry, we have approx. 660 residents as members of our group ‘Hyde Housing Independent Resident Group’

        I’m one of 4 of the FB group which seem to be trying to help other residents when they post with their concerns, problems normally after being frustrated by the normal channels.

        Myself being a ex-involved / engaged resident (a very long story which I will not bore you with) who resigned last August in protest over the intransigence of Hyde over poor service levels, out of control complaints, excessive and unsubstantiated service charges and list just goes on and on.

        Having resigned I then became a member of the FB group and was accused by my old Engaged Resident colleagues of joining the ‘Darkside’ which has now stuck and we active FB members delight in the title.

        I’m semi-retired which is a very stupid way of saying got too old and was made redundant, but am the proud Dad of two boys 11 and 22 (yes I know!) and am 62 years of age drawing upon my very meagre occupational pension from many years ago (working in manufacturing at IBM here and in Germany) and am currently doing a few voluntary things, school governor and local community / parish bits and bobs which did include a considerable number of panels, oversight committees as a Hyde engaged / involved resident.

        I will share your feedback / reply; with my colleagues and perhaps after discussion I can come back to you and have another virtual chat.

        I’ve applied to join the ‘Sanctuary housing complaints group -country wide’ as an observer so that I can see and learn the Sanctuary resident concerns being posted and discussed. This (subject to being granted) will be very helpful in comparing with the Hyde residents concerns.

        Nice talking to you, thanks again for your reply and hopefully we can make a start on consolidating HA / Social Housing resident concerns into a national forum, but I will keep a very clear reality check on that goal for the foreseeable future.

        Regards and best wishes

        Bob Spearman

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