David Bowie – astrological birth chart

DavidBowieNo introduction is needed for this man, born David Jones at 9.00 am, 8th January 1947, in Brixton, London. In terms of the elements in his birth chart horoscope, Fire and Earth are strongest, followed by Air, with the weakest being Water. This combination shows an ambitious and action-orientated individual, at home in the world of ideas, but not always so comfortable in the world of emotions.

Any experienced astrologer will be immediately drawn to the two close conjunctions involving Bowie’s Sun and Moon. Sun conjunct exalted Mars in Capricorn shows the potential for tremendously focused, organized, sustained, conscious action. Moon conjunct Saturn (Serious Moonlight) in Leo shows a controlled approach to expressing dramatic and playful Leo emotions on the 7th house public stage. Being born with these two planetary conjunctions alone shows the potential for huge creative achievement. Success comes through hard work, even though the sense of responsibility could be almost overwhelming at times. Jupiter in Scorpio, close to the top of the chart, is another sign of personal charisma, power and business acumen.

Assuming the time of birth is accurate, the Sun-Mars conjunction is also in Bowie’s 12th house. This is not an easy astrological house to handle and Bowie has had problems with drug use, no doubt bound up with a confused sense of identity. In common with many highly creative individuals, mental illness has also featured in his family background. At best, any problems with planets in the 12th house can be transcended and shared with the universe – the collective consciousness, a world in which everyone and everything is interconnected.

BowieChartBowie has a close square between Mercury in the 12th and Neptune, bringing a very active imagination but some confusion when it comes to clear communication. The meaning of his intriguing lyrics is often open to interpretation.

According to Astro Databank, the time of birth has been fairly well established as 9.00 am. This gives Aquarius rising, which makes sense. The futuristic theme of alien intelligence has appeared in much of Bowie’s work (famously acting in The Man Who Fell To Earth), he has been heavily involved with the Aquarian internet since its early days and he has the typical look of an Aquarius Ascendant (rising sign). As the ruler of Aquarius and the chart, a 4th house Uranus in Gemini plays a key role, a sign of constant Changes at the roots of Bowie’s being.

Venus is close to a Sagittarius Midheaven at the top of the chart. This indicates an open-minded, freedom-loving approach to relationships as well as an artistic career. Venus forms easy aspects to Bowie’s Moon-Saturn conjunction and his Aquarius Ascendant axis. Very nice, in fact a great position for giving and receiving love across the whole wide world.

AladdinSaneDavid Jones the tough Capricorn has survived years of rock’n’roll excess (typical of the Pluto in Leo and Neptune in Libra generation of rock musicians), health scares and even The Laughing Gnome. At the time of writing this interpretation in August 2015, astrologers can look forward to seeing how powerful Uranus and then Pluto transits to Bowie’s Sun-Mars conjunction in Capricorn play out over the next eighteen months. Saturn will also be transiting through his 10th house. A personal re-birth and even greater claim to fame? Knowing David Bowie, it will probably be something unpredictable.

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7 Responses to David Bowie – astrological birth chart

  1. Tim says:

    Following today’s news of his death, the last two sentences above now take on a rather different meaning.

    A true genius and a gift to us all.

    R.I.P. David Bowie. The music lives on, the love lives on….

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  3. Tanya says:

    It looks more accurate to me than the libra rising chart. Yes the final sentences in the piece are now rather spooky. God bless you David and thank you for your beautiful music which sounds as fabulous now as when it was first created.

  4. Tim says:

    Based on the above blog, there is now a 3000-word featured article in the November-December 2016 issue of The Astrological Journal https://www.facebook.com/AstrologicalJournal This publication is the bimonthly magazine of the Astrological Association http://www.astrologicalassociation.com. The article looks at Bowie’s chart, life and musical career in greater astrological detail e.g. the Uranus (and other) transits at the time of his Ziggy Stardust period, the recording of the album Low at his Saturn return, the classic astrological synastry with Iman.

    An interesting possible interpretation of the Bowie Sun conjunct Mars in Capricorn and the 12th house:-
    Is there (12th house) Life (Sun) On (Conjunct) Mars?

    As many astrologers noticed, transiting Saturn and Venus were both conjunct Bowie’s South Node when he died. Time (Saturn) for a peaceful (Venus) journey (Sagittarius), a return to where he came from (South Node).

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