Disappearing facebook “likes” and “shares” on this blog

WordpressOne or two visitors to this blog might have noticed that the facebook “likes”, which have actually now become “shares”, have been going up and down over the last year or so. Although many WordPress “Happiness Engineers” have been helpful and done their best, I’ve finally given up on this one. The problem was fixed several times, only for it to happen again.

So, all the facebook likes/shares have gone from my astrology posts and several of the Sanctuary Housing posts. This is very frustrating as I’d spent quite a bit of time individually promoting several blogs and I now have nothing to show for that effort. Of course there are more important things in life but it’s still a downer 🙂 . If I remember correctly, Kate Bush’s astrology chart and the U.S.A. astrology for 2014-2015 both had over 70 likes, whereas now there are none showing. Apparently it’s all to do with “facebook tracking” and changes when the site became https rather than http.

Just thought I’d mention it, partly in case anyone had noticed and wondered what was going on, and partly to let any other bloggers with the same problem know that they are not alone. Cheers.

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