100,000 views – thank you

The all-time views for this blog have just passed 100,000. Thank you everyone 🙂

I started it back in December 2006. I didn’t really bother too much for the first few years, a lot of my early entries (now deleted) were more like facebook posts, which wasn’t around then – life without facebook, can you imagine it!?

Even though I’m not exactly a prolific blogger, I started developing things a bit more seriously at the beginning of last year (turning on the “likes” and “shares” was a good start…) which led to over 32,000 views for the whole of 2014. Over 50,000 of the all-time views have been for the Sanctuary Housing posts, the top all-time post being “Are Sanctuary Housing Above The Law?” with over 45,000 views.

Thanks again.

About Tim
UK musician (pop/rock/prog), astrologer for 30 years (the deeper stuff), care and support worker #ExtinctionRebellion "We're all f***ed, so be nice." ~ Russell Brand

2 Responses to 100,000 views – thank you

  1. Amanda Stuart says:

    keep up the good work!

  2. Tim says:

    Thanks Amanda, I’ll do my best!

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