The Sanctuary Group Board

Jonathan Lander

Jonathan Lander

John Doughty

John Doughty

Dr Gareth Tuckwell

Dr Gareth Tuckwell

Nick Baldwin, Group Chair

Nick Baldwin, Group Chair

Robert McComb

Robert McComb

Elwyn Roberts

Elwyn Roberts

On the Sanctuary Housing Group website, you will find pictures and brief biographies of Directors and Executives with lots of letters after their name. Naturally, I would not wish to show any of the Sanctuary Board members (David Bennett, Craig Moule, Ian McDermott, John Doughty, Jonathan Lander, Liz Meek, Nick Baldwin – oooh, LOTS of letters after his name, that must be why he’s the Group Chair, Robert McComb, Thelma Stober, Elwyn Roberts, Dr. Gareth Tuckwell – even more!) or other Executives and Operatons Directors (Amanda Gonsalves, Peter Martin, Nathan Warren, Sophie Atkinson, Steve Wood, Simon Clark, Gordon Laurie, Dennis Evans, Chris Munday – wait a minute, according to the website Chris hasn’t got any letters after his name! OMG!) any disrespect. I myself am Tim Burness L.A.Y.N.A.M. – Letters After Your Name Are Meaningless.

David Bennett, Chief Executive

David Bennett, Chief Executive

Craig Moule

Craig Moule

Such impressive credentials! The author of a book called “A Question of Healing” who has been involved with the hospice movement, an Accredited Mediator, a woman who has worked to improve services for people with schizophrenia and for ex-offenders. Ah… oh dear, here comes the stench of Big Money – two ex-partners of PwC the massively powerful firm of accountants, an investment banker, an ex-Chief Executive of Powergen.

An investment banker? The head of an energy company? Can you hear those Corporate Rip-Off alarm bells ringing!?

Please see previous blog Are Sanctuary Housing Above The Law? and its 500+ comments for how bad this company can be.

I would absolutely refute any suggestion that I might have the view that, whether they realize it or not, these individuals are a money-grabbing, hypocritical bunch of fraudsters who front a totally corrupt and morally bankrupt organization. Any such suggestion that I might think this, or anything like it, made by anyone would leave me with no alternative but to invoke my Persistent, Cereal and Herbacious Complainants Procedure against them.

Yes, Sanctuary Housing Association does some good work – but nationwide neglect and abuse of tenants, including the elderly and vulnerable is no joke. An exempt rip-off registered charity that lies, cheats and bullies people is no joke. Bad services, incompetent contractors and substandard properties left to rot for years is no joke.

£72 million surplus last year. Shame on you, Sanctuary Group Board.

(The above figure was apparently later revised down to £54.5 million – they make around £40-50 million every year. Unbelievably, Chief Executive David Bennett was awarded a CBE for services to social housing in 2015.)

Liz Meek

Liz Meek

Thelma Stober

Thelma Stober

Ian McDermott

Ian McDermott

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10 Responses to The Sanctuary Group Board

  1. annette says:

    I too have had a lot of problems with this housing association,i have been with them 23 years now and begged for a new kitchen which should have had a lifespan of 20 years only,they refused,i have window units that have blown an were measured up in February and are still not done,excuse after excuse they keep telling me the same rubbish,i have names of who are supposedly dealing with my complaints that haven’t even bothered to keep me informed of whats goin on,i am fed up to the back teeth of them and their shoddy workmanship,painted window ledges that are cracked and back down to the bare wood within a few months,they are unbelievable,many in our street are fed up with them,one poor girl has had live wires showing in her kitchen for 5 years as there was a hole in her wall when she moved in and she has children,

  2. Tim says:

    Hi Annette. There is now more than enough evidence on these blogs to show that Sanctuary Housing and Sanctuary Group as a whole have major problems and that many people are suffering as a result.



    1. The Homes And Communities Agency (the social housing regulator, mainly financial regulation)
    Email: Website:
    Postal address: Referrals and Regulatory Enquiries Team, Homes and Communities Agency, 1st Floor, Lateral, 8 City Walk, Leeds LS11 9AT

    “Thank you for your letter, sent to the Homes And Communities Agency and other organisations, containing a number of allegations about Sanctuary Housing Association… (We have) now considered the information you have provided and would like to invite you or others who have experienced difficulties to provide us with further information.” Carole Harrison, Referrals and Regulatory Enquiries Team, Homes and Communities Agency, 28.10.13

    2. Margaret Hodge MP and the Public Accounts Committee
    Email: Website:
    Postal address: Committee of Public Accounts, House of Commons, 7 Millbank, London SW1P 3JA

    “My committee retains a strong interest in how the system of social housing provision as a whole is operating and I am grateful for the information you have provided… thank you for drawing these matters to my attention.” Margaret Hodge, Public Accounts Committee, 6.12.13

    Please contact both of the above with a carefully written letter by post.

    These blogs are now getting 150-200 views most days, this needs to be translated into action.

    Thank you.

  3. Insider says:

    What is interesting is how the group not only treats its tenants but also how it plans to treat its staff, together with breaches of regulation & legislation which; if made public would lead to chaos within the business streams and ultimately the forced break up of the group ….camera crews on your front lawn David…..more to follow….full documents under consideration to be uploaded to Wikileaks via Tor shortly

  4. Tim says:

    The following facebook group has been very active over the last 9 months or so, it now has 500 members. Plenty of support available there, endless ideas for how to TAKE ACTION. Run by tenants for tenants who have suffered at the hands of Sanctuary.

    Sanctuary Housing Complaints Group – Countrywide

  5. pete thomas says:

    hi there

    I wish i’d found this site months ago my shared ownership property has an alley way where the people either side made complaints about kids playing down these kids range from 4 -7 yrs and Sianne Fellows and her boss have lied through there teeth about it with the people from either side the alley we got told these kids are down there all the time ? me HELLO THIS IS THE WALK WAY to our houses, in which they have frightened the kids that much they wont use that part of our property and we know have to leave the front door open for visitors and my child they’re going ahead with the gate regardless of what the other neighbours want they sent threatening letters out to all our estate saying no parking on the footpaths and the only people parking on them is Sanctum (sanctum short for sanctimonious pieces of crap )I’ve never been lied and bullshitted to in 45 years of life , I have made 13 complaints no of which ever got followed up

    • Tim says:

      Hi Pete. However difficult it may be, I absolutely urge you to follow this up in every way you can. Have you been to your MP? Some people get results when they get their MP on board. Do you have clear evidence of lies – written or visual e.g. film on a mobile phone? If you can get clear evidence of wrong-doing, there are a ton of ways you can TAKE ACTION against Sanctuary. They regularly break literally every rule in the book. Have you been to the C.A.B.? Many people eventually give up because it’s just too much effort. Please don’t be one of them. Best wishes, Tim.

  6. Elaine says:

    I’m feeling so utterly miserable just now due to the treatment I’ve had from Sanctuary Cumbernauld (Scotland) I’ve been in tears now for about three days solid. My problem has been to do with a plumbing problem that’s been going on since May and leaves me and my two children with no toilet facilities no bath and no shower. They send out the contractor,a cowboy outfit called Timetra who keep sending the same two guys/idiots to repair it and within anything from 2-10 weeks it breaks again. My 85 year old next door neighbour was also affected as everytime the problem happens it causes her kitchen sink to overflow dirty water. They passed us from pillar to post all summer. Their contractor two absolute lazy twats who come out to unblock it from underground in my garden have no respect for anyone including an 85 year old woman and seem to think it’s all one big joke. They first told me I must be putting baby wipes down my toilet to which I told them I don’t even buy baby wipes!!
    They said it was cleared only for it to break two weeks later again. This time a camera went down to see what was wrong and apparently it now needed more extensive work carried out but this had to be passed by a boss at sanctuary first. I’ll be here all night if I were to put up everything they’ve put myself and my lovely wee neighbour through. She was so stressed out by it all as it was happening so many times after we’d been told it was fixed. No one seemed to be helping us. We were having to deal with these horrible two excuse for workmen. They just couldn’t care less and were constantly fobbing us off. My neighbour told me she had been in tears due to the stress of it all,especially as she was so worried about her kitchen being flooded again that she stopped going out to her many activities.Church groups,prayer meetings and she actually used to help out other pensioners she deemed worse off than herself too. She began to look a lot more frail after this all started.
    We’d thought it was finally fixed in August after Sanctuary finally gave the ok for the work on underground pipes to begin. The two idiots came out and apparently fixed it one day when neither myself or my neighbour were home. They must have just let themselves in through the gardens without even leaving a note or anything to inform us the work had been completed. I only found out due to fact I called sanctuary repairs to ask when it would be done and was told it had been already. So all went well until September this year when my daughter let out bath water and it started rising up the toilet bowl. Whenever this happened it usually meant my next door neighbours sink would now be flowing with dirty water again. I phoned her that night to find out but she didn’t answer and I left a message in her answering machine to ask her to let me know if her sink was ok. She didn’t return call which was very of character. Any time flooding did happen I had to phone sanctuary repairs out because her house wasn’t one of theirs it was owned by her children who all payed mortgage on it. She’d lived there for 50 years. I tried knocking on her door next day but again no answer. I thought she’d went to stay with family and just hoped she wasn’t coming back to dirty water all over her floor. About two weeks later I found out that sadly she’d been found dead in her bed by a family member the very next day after I’d tried to contact her about flooding starting up again.
    She had told sanctuary on the phone one day after the so call repair had failed yet again,that she had a weak heart and this wasn’t helping as she was becoming more stressed every time it happened. She was just treated like some senile old woman,which she certainly wasn’t! She was actually a very intelligent woman. I know she was 85years old but as far as I’m concerned this constant stress contributed to her death. I felt and still do feel terrible about it. Although she used to constantly tell me that it was in no way my fault because she hated me feeling bad about it. Problem came back yet again last Saturday and we had no toilet facility at all for around 36 hours. One of my children is in remission from kidney cancer and it’s not the best thing for her not to be able to use a toilet. I again phoned sanctuary and mentioned that my neighbour is now dead and that I believe it’s def partly to do with all of this and they acted all sympathetic but said they’d send out Bill n Ben again!! Eh sorry the two contractor guys. One of them was incredibly rude to me and one word led to another and I asked for his name as I was putting in a complaint about this entire fiasco! He refused to give me his name and became aggressive when I asked again. It old them both to leave my premises and they did. I phoned sanctuary in tears as I’d honestly thought the way he bounded towards me that he was going to attack me at one point. The girl I got on phone was very nice but she said they’d already been in touch and told a very different story from me. She actually said to me that she’d met them and she definitely believed me. She also said he had no right to refuse to give his name and that by rights they should both be showing ID every time they come to my house. The job was thankfully mostly completed now anyway. Although for how long is anyone’s guess. I’ve told them I will not let that man set foot over my door again. My own local sanctuary housing office who are about as useless as you can be and have only been involved in this since yesterday,informed me they can’t guarantee that it wouldn’t be him again. This was all bad enough that they allow these incompetent idiots to treat their tenants like dirt but to add insult to injury my local office phoned to tell me that the two idiots came back to my garden yesterday while I was out to continue with job and they discovered what the problem is….baby wipes they said you’re putting baby wipes down the toilet and also we are doing a re charge so you have to pay for this repair as it was your fault.😡
    I told her to re charge all she likes but I’ll never pay a penny. Can she not see that they’re being vindictive and nasty because they knew how angry I got the first time they suggested this is what was causing the problem. I said I don’t know how many more ways I can say that I never ever put baby wipes down the toilet. I’d have a hard job because I don’t even buy wipes!! She couldn’t care less,even when I started to cry which I know is pathetic but they’ve worn me down. Only time she started to change her attitude was when I told her that I was going to a lawyer,my mp and also the newspapers. I pointed out that a well known scottish newspaper had actually done a story on my daughter before due to the rareness of her cancer at the age of 20 months old and that they still kept in touch to ask how she was getting on. I told her I’d ask if they were interested in this story or if they knew another paper that would be. She suddenly changed it to telling me that they didn’t say you’re definitley getting a re charge just that you might. She also seems desperate for me to send her a copy of the very long e- mail (yes even longer than this😉) that I told her I’d sent last night to my Mp and to sanctuary complaints detailing everything that’s happened since this began. Including the death of my neighbour. Please forgive me for rambling on here tonight but it’s actually helped me. I suffer from depression and anxiety and most of the time medication helps keep it under control but since all of this I’ve been a wreck again which is not fair to my family either. I haven’t felt that hopeless don’t want to face the day feeling for ages but I had it this morning and tonight again. I’m not a liar or a horrible person. All I’ve asked for is a repair to be done on my home that is something I can’t ignore,like I do the other dozen or so repairs that need done in this house. I’ve been a tenant for nearly 30 years and my parents 50 years. obviously it wasn’t sanctuary for all of those years but that’s without one single complaint against us in all that time. I’d been a reasonably happy tenant before and had no problems with any of the other landlords before them in that 20 odd years but this is without a doubt the worst landlord I have ever had!! After being born in a house in this town and still being here 30 years later I now want to move away😔
    Thanks for letting me rant

    • ratsters123 says:

      Your not the only one sorry my neighbour went through Xmas and January without heating and sanctuary excuse was they didn’t no all calls recorded and the neighbours helped out with bathing

  7. Tim says:

    Sanctuary “revenue growth” up to £763 MILLION in the last financial year 2019-20, with an “operating surplus” of £186.2 MILLION.

    Meanwhile, Sanctuary Students has been the ONLY student accommodation provider in the country not to provide refunds during the global pandemic. Students have been fighting back with a well-organised campaign, including legal representation. This has made the national press, including the Financial Times, The Guardian and Metro.

    Around the country, local newspaper articles like these continue to be common:

    In 2019 there was major national TV exposure on Channel 4 Dispatches, showing Sanctuary up as the corrupt, money-grabbing cowboys that they are. An MP has since similarly exposed them in great detail in Parliament.

    Year after year, the disgrace goes on. Over 2700 members in the main facebook group, for support and practical help for people dealing with this terrible company:
    Sanctuary Housing Independent Complaints – Countrywide

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