Sanctuary Housing above the law on Facebook – deceit

Rikh Hart
Just wanted to say thank you to the home ownership team for all of the disinformation and deceit, and for the resulting delays. This has added to an already stressful move for us, and has even contributed to the buyer threatening to pull out of the sale. I sincerely hope that the paperwork is now in the post (I have my doubts, I’ll confess), and that we never again have to deal with Sanctuary Housing again.
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  • Rikh Hart We have a number of issues regarding the company, from failing to conduct planned maintenance and improvements to the property (due for completion April 2013, not yet started, with the subject being adroitly avoided when it is raised), to failing makeproper repairs when requested. The current issues I have are down to the fact that we have been awaiting a leasehold pack to be sent to our Conveyancers. We were never informed how long this would take, but were instead repeatedly told that our request was a priority, and was next to be dealt with. After a week of this, I complained, and received a prompt call back with apologies, and a promise that it would be sent the next day (last Wednesday). We phoned on Thursday, and were relieved to hear that the documents had been sent. Today, we checked again, as our conveyancers had not received them. Not surprising, given that apparently it was actually sent on Friday! Right now, our buyer is threatening to pull out due to repeated delays from people supposedly working for us, and every days delay brings increased risk that this will happen. I’m sure you can see why I’m angry at being repeatedly lied to.
    • Rikh Hart And 1 week after it was supposedly be posted via recorded delivery, still nothing. The proposed solution? To e-mail it directly to the conveyancing team. Fantastic thinking, well done. One has to ask though; WHY THE HELL WASN’T THIS OFFERED AT THE START?!?
    • Sanctuary Housing Hi Rikh Hart, we will send you a private message.
  • Sanctuary Housing Hi, Oops this is not good and sorry to hear of the issues you have had. Please can you private message us with your address and contact details. We can then look into this for you. Thanks
  • Rikh Hart Btw, if anyone is looking here for information regarding Sanctuary before buying/renting one of their properties, I’d strongly advise you to pay attention to the long list of comments here regarding problems or complaints. Many of these are issues that have not been previously resolved, and many directly bring up issues that indicate that the complainant feels that are in breach of their tenancy agreement. Our own experiences are much in line with these comments, going back several years. I would also take note of the large number of serious issues that Sanctuary have not even bothered to respond too…

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2 Responses to Sanctuary Housing above the law on Facebook – deceit

  1. Tim says:

    Facebook groups and pages for discussion, information and practical help – run by tenants and others who have suffered appalling treatment from Sanctuary – YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

    Sanctuary Housing complaints group countrywide

    Sanctuary Housing tenants

    Sanctuary Housing/shambles

    Sanctuary Housing Banbury residents group

    Justice For Ernest John Coles

  2. Tim says:

    Sanctuary “revenue growth” up to £763 MILLION in the last financial year 2019-20, with an “operating surplus” of £186.2 MILLION.

    Meanwhile, Sanctuary Students has been the ONLY student accommodation provider in the country not to provide refunds during the global pandemic. Students have been fighting back with a well-organised campaign, including legal representation. This has made the national press, including the Financial Times, The Guardian and Metro.

    Around the country, local newspaper articles like these continue to be common:

    In 2019 there was major national TV exposure on Channel 4 Dispatches, showing Sanctuary up as the corrupt, money-grabbing cowboys that they are. An MP has since similarly exposed them in great detail in Parliament.

    Year after year, the disgrace goes on. Over 2700 members in the main facebook group, for support and practical help for people dealing with this terrible company:
    Sanctuary Housing Independent Complaints – Countrywide

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