Cosmic Loom by Denis Elwell


Astonishingly creative and intelligent astrology

The quality of astrology in Cosmic Loom is quite extraordinary by any standards, one reviewer having understandably described it as “The most important astrology book in 100 years”.

Most astrology books written over the last 50 years or so, including many classics which I and many others rate very highly, interpret astrology primarily as the map of an individual’s psychology. While this approach is not dismissed by Elwell, his perspective is much broader, and simultaneously more simple and more complicated. Astrology as a whole benefits hugely from the kind of vision and intelligence that are eloquently expressed here.

At the beginning of the book Elwell suggests that “we have mistaken the nature of our reality”. This is a theme that runs throughout Cosmic Loom. An astrology chart is not only an accurate map of the psychology of an individual human being, it is much, much more. Rather, it is more a set of instructions, revealing what the cosmos is up to at a precise moment in time. We are treated to fascinating chart interpretations of the birth of the United States, the publication of Darwin’s “Origin Of Species”, and all manner of events from the most contemporary and mundane, to important moments in history.

DennisElwellElwell expands the cosmic science and language of astrology in its own terms. His imaginative but also absolutely literal interpretation of the chart opens up a whole new reality. Internal and external events in our lives are linked as Elwell plugs directly into a universe where everything is connected to everything else, where the observer is inseparable from what he or she is observing, where everything has a part to play in the great plan of life.

I came across the first hardback edition of Cosmic Loom sometime around 1990 and I am not surprised that it has come to be regarded as a modern classic. Even experienced astrologers can be taken by surprise with this book – expect the unexpected!

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