Alternatives to cow’s milk

OatlyMy favourite is Oatly, which was originally developed in Sweden. There are a large number of other good alternatives, many of which are extremely yummy and nutritious. Rice Dream is one of the nicest, with a unique flavour that is almost a bit like ice cream. Almond milk is good but a bit expensive. Coconut milk, hemp milk… the list goes on. Some soya milks are good, and generally better if you want something to add to tea or coffee, but beware of added sugar in the form of sucrose, maltodextrin or other forms.

Udderly ridiculous - Liu Qiang's stunning sculpture

Udderly ridiculous – Liu Qiang’s stunning sculpture

Since my early days of macrobiotics in the seventies, whenever possible I have kept clear of cow’s milk, for several reasons. Once you stop to think about it, the human habit of consuming the breast milk from the mothers of other species seems really quite bizarre and cruel. Biologically, human adults are obviously not designed to drink it in large quantities, hence many people’s problems with lactose intolerance and other allergic reactions. Back in the day, one or two of the alternatives tasted of wallpaper paste – fortunately things have improved!

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