Proof before belief

Taken from Stephen Arroyo’s “Chart Interpretation Handbook”

I am still waiting to meet someone who has investigated serious astrology for themselves first hand, and not come to the conclusion that there is a large amount of demonstrable truth involved.

Of course there are millions of people who don’t believe in astrology. When I first became seriously interested in 1986, I did not believe in it. I still don’t, as such. Someone saying they “believe” or don’t “believe” in astrology is missing the point really – it’s not a religion! Perhaps it is a “belief system” of sorts – at the same time, serious astrology is based firmly on observation. This careful definition by astrologer Robert Currey is as good as any:-

“Astrology is the study of the correlation between the positions and movements of celestial bodies and life and physical processes on Earth. Though some astrologers work with stars and constellations, western astrologers work with the Sun, the Moon and the planets (including Pluto) within the Solar System. This is not Sun-Sign astrology that you read in newspapers and magazines. Astrology should not be confused with fortune telling, psychic reading, palmistry or tarot reading.”

Of course many scientists and “rational sceptics” happily dismiss astrology (or more accurately, what they believe astrology to be) for a large number of reasons. As it happens, my educational scientific background played a part in me developing my enthusiastic interest – there was way too much evidence from first hand observation to ignore!  For many other well-educated people in the west, astrology is so obviously superstitious nonsense that it is not even worth dismissing. Obviously it’s rubbish!

These issues are explored in more detail in Why it is no longer acceptable to say astrology is rubbish on a scientific basis by Robert Currey.

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