Steven Wilson – progressive rock maestro and a typical Scorpio

For several reasons, many people are not typical of their astrological Sun sign. However, all-round progressive rock and musical maestro Steven Wilson (born 3rd November 1967, birth-time unknown) could hardly be more Scorpionic. Although they generally get a bit of a bad press as secretive control-freaks, obsessed with sex and death (haha!), anyone who manages to channel the intense Scorpio “negative” emotional power into constructive outlets is a positive force to be reckoned with. This seems to be very much the case with Mr. Wilson.

In addition to the Sun, Mercury and Neptune in Scorpio (and depending on the time of birth, possibly his Moon), Steve also has a close Venus conjunct Pluto aspect, further emphasizing the potential power and charisma of his personality.  The deepest and darkest emotions are confronted, social taboos are explored. As any fan of Porcupine Tree or his other projects can tell you, Wilson continually probes the dark hidden depths with his music and lyrics, turning these into something still sad, but beautiful. In true Scorpionic fashion, Steve is very much in touch with life’s continual transformational cycle of birth, decay and re-generation. Everything changes.

Wilson is well known for being something of a workaholic and this is confirmed clearly by a close square between Mars in Capricorn and Saturn in Aries in his chart. Astrologically, this is the ambitious driving force that will have him working on a Porcupine Tree album in the morning, a Blackfield track in the afternoon and a King Crimson re-mix in the evening – or something along those lines! Anyone with Mars in Capricorn is a shrewd operator, with the potental for tremendous achievement as a result of self-discipline, patience and careful planning. Virgo is also a strong sign in Steve’s chart, bringing modesty, practicality and attention to detail.

3 Responses to Steven Wilson – progressive rock maestro and a typical Scorpio

  1. Ruy Henrique says:

    Thank you for this, kind sir! Now seriously, this surprised me in so many ways, I’m not sure where to start and I’m pretty sure I’ll leave a lot out of it, but since he’s pretty much my favourite artist and composer, let’s do this…

    First, I thought he’d be a Cancer! But then again, I’ve been studying for no more than 5 years; Cancer although gifted in music, can be all too shy/timid… Anyway. It surprised me he’s a scorpio, but it made perfect sense, regarding not only the depth of his work, but also the dedication it takes to get where he’s at. I wonder what his ascendant is? You can tell there’s a big difference from the early Porcupine Tree early days to his more recent work; the theme hasn’t exactly changed much, nor experimentation, talent, etc, but it’s just stuff that’s a lot more mature, and it kind of changed scopes: from being a name inside a progressive rock group, he really did stand out on his own, not only in records but doing studio work for other artists…

    What did stand out for me with your post is how that Scorpio energy can be channeled, I knew the idea but lacked an example of it. Anyway, just wanted to drop my thanks here!

    • Tim says:

      Hello Ruy, thank you for your very interesting comment, my friend. As you might have guessed, I am also a big fan of Mr. Wilson and his music, since early Porcupine Tree.

      SW certainly has the sensitivity and approach associated with the sign of Cancer. The themes of the past, childhood and family are of course very common in his work. It would not surprise me at all if he had a Cancer Ascendant, Ruy. If SW was born sometime around 9.00 pm, a late Cancer Ascendant would put all his Scorpio planets in the 5th house of creativity, Saturn in Aries striking out on its own in the 10th house of career. And exactly on his Midheaven for maximum impact on the world – Chiron, the wounded healer 🙂

      Two more good examples of how lots of natal Scorpio energy can be used creatively are Bjork (Sun, Moon, Ascendant and Neptune in Scorpio) and actress Whoopi Goldberg (Sun, Moon, Mercury and Saturn in Scorpio). They haven’t done badly for such a negative sign, either….

      All the best, TB

      • Tim says:

        Just looking at this, first time for a while. Cancer rising (from a rough 9pm time of birth) would put his Moon and chart ruler in early Sagittarius. Yes, he does have a cheerful side!

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