The Great Escape

I recently had an unexpected opportunity to take part in filming several bands (videos for a website) at The Great Escape Festival down here in Brighton. A great festival and a great few days.

It’s a mighty big festival, with 300 new bands at over 30 venues around Brighton, over three days. Headliners included Sufjan Stevens and DJ Shadow. All the smaller acts we shot were of a very high standard (except, for my taste, maybe one) and deserve to go on to greater things. There was the sad and soulful Antlers from New York, the experimental Thus:Owls from Sweden, some fascinating “treated piano” from a German chappie whose name escapes me, another American band Cults, Alexander Tucker(what a nice bloke) and his looping cello. All these bands are up and coming, mostly on their first or second albums with small record companies.

I’m not sure about “the music business”, but actual new music is very much alive and well.

About Tim
UK musician (pop/rock/prog), astrologer for 30 years (the deeper stuff), care and support worker #ExtinctionRebellion "We're all f***ed, so be nice." ~ Russell Brand

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