A great New Year

Decided to make a bit more effort than usual this New Year’s Eve. Popped down to the seafront at the end of my street for some great fireworks and flying lanterns, then danced to some drum’n’bass for several hours, courtesy of Chris Natural and the Lunarcy crew. It didn’t seem to matter that I was probably twice as old as most people there, I like to think I wasn’t guilty of “Dad dancing” but perhaps the youngsters were humouring me! Happy New Year to everyone!

2 Responses to A great New Year

  1. bea beshara says:

    happy MMXI to you too, I see U started it well ! I mingle everey day with youngsters here @my place both as a student and a teacher !!!!! I am amongst the oldests at the University Campus as well, lots of fun (some say I’ll never grow…old?) Plus my 6 y.o. keeps me running too…btw. the story of “mentally ill mother” is very familiar to me.
    As per the astrological side: I read recently some stuff about a new coming glaciation, seemingly whatever I read made some sense…the change coming (if it does) will be quite abrupt and quick ! this would smarten all mankind up !

  2. timburness says:

    My time at University as a mature student has good memories for me too Bea. Although in the UK back then (1990) you could still do a degree without ending up in debt for years afterwards!

    Mankind smarten up!? No chance!

    Wishing you and your 6 year old a great 2011 x

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