Uranus square Pluto 2011-2016

The international economic and political crises have only just begun.

Much has already been written about the mighty powerful Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn combination that is just around the corner. The exact squares all take place in 2012-2015 but astrologers acknowledge that the power will be felt both before and after that period. Both Jupiter and Uranus (and Mars) arrive properly in Aries in the first few months of 2011, so that looks like a good starting point to me. Of course Pluto in Capricorn has already been stirring things up by itself over the last couple of years.

My earlier blog on Pluto in Capricorn is here:-


Put very simply, worldwide explosive conflicts and revolutionary social changes are indicated by Uranus square Pluto. On the one hand, there is an awakening of individual action, initiative and independence shown by Uranus in Aries. On the other hand, there are the power struggles and “death and re-birth” transformations of governments, big business, banks and other structures shown by Pluto in Capricorn. We can expect increasing rebellion against corporate control and secrecy. A dynamic new awareness of the rights of the individual, clashing with corrupt governments and an imploding economic reality. You get the idea.

Okay, possibly a little over-dramatic!? Perhaps!

Maybe Neptune in Pisces (from early 2012 onwards) will help soften the blows, although Saturn in Scorpio (from late 2012) is another sign of some difficult tests ahead.

Many astrologers have observed that this is the first major aspect between Uranus and Pluto since their conjunction in the mid-sixties, now is the next stage in the cycle. This could indicate that many of the revolutionary seeds that were sown back then will be collectively re-assessed during 2012-2015. Then again, whole new revolutionary forms may appear. Others refer to the simultaneous and much-anticipated end of the Mayan calendar in 2012. It could be the “end of the world” as we know it. “Don’t panic!” as Douglas Adams once wrote. Here is the truth about 2012 and the Mayan prophecy.

In relation to individual birth charts, people with planets from 6 degrees to 15 degrees in the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn will be most obviously confronted by the crazy changes. That is a lot of people! Others may be able to deal with the square more easily e.g. if Uranus in Aries trines your natal Mars in Leo, if Pluto in Capricorn sextiles your natal Venus in Pisces, and so on.

There’s plenty of other articles on the net that give a good idea of what to expect.

Of course as most educated people know, astrology is irrational nonsense with no scientific basis. It’s strange how these people have never studied it. For anyone new to serious astrology, http://www.astro.com is a good start.

(The above has been criticized for being fatalistic and ethically irresponsible and dangerous. If you think this is so – please ignore it… 🙂 Even though the astrology suggests very tough times ahead, we can obviously still try and make the best of it. Individually and collectively, what we choose to do with the astrological indicators is always up to us – to a large degree! We create our reality by our choices. Like many of us, my deepest hope is for some kind of move away from the de-humanizing excesses of late global capitalism as we know it – towards a fairer world, where we are all respected and valued. Perhaps the Uranus square Pluto breakdown crisis – the last historical Uranus square Pluto was the Great Depression of the 1930s – is necessary before we can move in that direction? Just a thought. With hopes for a saner, fairer, and kinder world… Tim)

15 Responses to Uranus square Pluto 2011-2016

  1. nice blog Tim ! hope The two Coreas won’t start a WWIII ;o(

  2. timburness says:

    Thanks again Bea. The international economic and political crises that are already happening everywhere will continue to escalate, that’s for sure. Of course this is fairly obvious without knowing anything about astrology!

  3. welcome Tim ! those two planets are quite heavy/slow ones, so I guess this square must have also happened some 200 years ago or so, perhaps was it around french revolution, I don’t have the ephemerides searcher at hands…certainly a very explosive & interesting combo ! Some astrologuers like the russian born french Alexandre Volguine suggest Sagitarius Pluto’s rulership/mastery, so giving it a good hope of re-birth, certainly through fire, as a sphynx re-born from owns ashes…perhaps this is also waht mayan ‘d foreseen

    • arthur says:

      I noticed this coming square some years ago. This same square ur/plu occured also in the 30’s, only this time Pluto was in Cancer square Uranus in Aries, and we know what happened around then, first the great depression and then a horribly designed world war 2. Over the last few decades since the 60s there has been an overwhelmed insight and free’er thought both within the present and also our profound past.Since Uranus in Scorpio around the mid 70’s there has been an even greater awarness;radical thinking, the net,Ike @ now Wiki.Bear in mind the last time also of Uranus in scorpio(exulted),was the radical changes from the victorian era @ leading toward war 1. Colonisation continues still today (middel-east).Humanatarian thought and sharing of this knowledge about a governments corperate agenda(Capricorn) Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn. Geronimo @ the long sword….is this a profound time comeing.

  4. timburness says:

    Hi Arthur,

    Some good points there, thanks. I must confess I was a bit late in realizing the huge significance of this one, I think it was an article in The Mountain Astrologer last year that woke me up… better late than never.

    Generally I like to think of myself as an optimist, but this is heavy stuff, especially with Aries and Capricorn involved. (I guess siderial astrologers have a different perspective with Pisces and Sagittarius?)

    All the best for 2011, Tim

  5. Actually this is great and thanks to Uranus transit in Acquarius and now in Pisces we are able ” to read” the future and mainstream the news….. something not available centuries ago.

    What about looking at countries’ natal charts…. which country is Aries, which country is capricorn….. at least as a minimalistic approach this could give some helpful insights…..

  6. timburness says:

    Good idea Healing Mudras, maybe a separate blog another time. I’ve deliberately kept this one short and hopefully accessible to people who don’t know much about astrology, or are relatively new to it. Of course anyone is welcome to add anything in the comments here…

  7. tio says:

    sommigen die de toekomst voorspellen hebben een fatalistische instelling en zijn ethisch onverantwoord en levensgevaarlijk. Zij behandelen mensen als dingen om zich zelf te bewijzen. Het zijn grenswetenschappen en die zijn nog niet wettelijk erkend. Waar men een ethische code moet aflleggen .

  8. tio says:

    ik moet er niets van hebben. Het zijn primitieve simpele types die er ordinair uitzien met veel make up en sieraden en tijgerprints en college schoenen. Hele harde brutale agressieve en schreeuwerige types. Het zijn pure individualisten die nogal egocentrisch zijn van aard en graag de aandacht naar zich toetrekken. Je begrijpt dan nog wel dat iemand in de belangstelling wil staan maar als dit maar niet te fatalistisch van aard is. Want het blijven mensen en hier denken sommigen niet aan. En dat is heel schokkend want mensen zijn nog geen dingen.

  9. BBeshara says:

    nice if “tio” could post this in english…sure I could google translate it but…it would be nice if more people could read it in this forum. thank you!

  10. BBeshara says:

    …from the free dutch to english “babylon free translator online” I got this translation from what “tio says” Some of those who predict the future have a fatalistic institution and are ethically unjustified and life-threatening. They are dealing with people and things in order to prove itself. These are grenswetenschappen and which are not yet legally recognized. Where there is an ethical code must aflleggen.

    I thought so, indeed, that the content of the message was anti-new-age-freeks, with my very little knowledge of dutch…now I would like to ask Mr.”tio says” to nicely and kindly honor the very good dutch quality of respect and tolerance for others opinions. Particularly, if you do not like the purport and content of this blog, I really wonder what you are doing here.(?)

    Thank you for your comprehension.

  11. Tim says:

    Google translations of two Dutch language posts by “tio”:-

    “Some who predict the future have a fatalistic attitude and ethically irresponsible and dangerous. They treat people like things to prove themselves. These are frontier sciences and who are not legally recognized. Where an ethical code accountable.”

    “I should have none of it. They are simple primitive types that are common to look much makeup and jewelry and shoes tiger prints and college. Entire hard brutal and aggressive screaming type. The pure individualists who are quite self-centered nature of love and attention to themselves. You understand that it still wants to be someone of interest, but if not too fatalistic in nature. For people staying here and some think not. And that is really shocking because people are not things.”

    Hello tio,

    Sorry, I don’t know how accurate the translations above are! In your first post you seem to be questioning the ethics of “predicting the future”? Fair enough. From 25 years of personal experience of working in-depth with astrology (past, present, future patterns) with hundreds of people, I’ve found that – in the right context – astrological knowledge can be very helpful as an insight into our experience. It has certainly helped me in my life. As regards the future, “Fore-warned is fore-armed” is the expression that springs to mind. At the same time of course, we always have free will and we individually and collectively create our reality by our individual and collective choices. Let’s hope the coming few years are not as difficult as the astrology would suggest – let’s try and love and respect ourselves and each other more, that would be a good start? 🙂

    From the translation I don’t fully understand your second post. But I agree that “people are not things” – YES! My deepest hope is for some kind of move away from the de-humanizing excesses of late global capitalism as we know it – towards a fairer world, where we are all respected and valued. Clothing and feeding everyone on the planet would be a good start. Best wishes, Tim

  12. Tim says:

    You just beat me to it Bea! I hadn’t seen your posts when I posted! Tim

  13. BBeshara says:

    ;o) great post(s) Tim, keep up the nice job!

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